100mg/ml 10% Nic 90% PG is it toxic?


I have 100mg/ml nicotine 10% nic 90% PG from @HiLIQ, by accident i forgot to close the lid proberly and when i picked it up it spilled on my hand and foot and the floor, i washed my body parts with soap immidiatley and the floor with detol and water…

Is there any health concern? Should i seek doctor help?

Please advice

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If you’re not feeling dizzy you’re probably fine since you’ve rinsed it off straight away. Just watch out for signs of nicotine overdose.

Abdominal pain
Tachycardia, or a dangerously fast heart rate
Ataxia, or a lack of muscle coordination that may affect speech, eye movements, and the ability to swallow or walk
Shaking and tremors

Notice any of these signs, call a doctor, but the advice for mild nicotine sickness is;
Put some sugar under your tongue and let it absorb. Pixie sticks work wonders. Eat one or have a soda. Eat and stay hydrated, drink plenty of good quality water. The sickness should pass quickly.


As long as you are not vomiting as you type, I’d say you’re in the clear. I have on occasion gotten 100mg nic on me. I don’t panic and calmly go to the sink and wash it off as quickly as I can… Just be sure to wash up and if it’s on clothing then you need to remove the clothing, perhaps shower to be sure, and wash the clothing item. Do this and you should be fine…

I also suggest removing the trash once you clean up in case someone decides to go through the trash thinking they lost something in it. Never hurts to be sure…


thanks for the quick reply, still don’t notice anything…will be more carefull next time

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They say symptoms occur within the hour so if that time has passed, you’re all right. being careful is always a good thing. :grinning:

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If it goes in your eyes, mouth, a cut or graze etc Then you will need to monitor yourself.

I have spilled nicotine all over my hand sniffed it into my nose etc it didnt do anything to me…

See… Perfectly Fine…


The only time i felt symptoms of a nicotine overdose was when i started sub ohming. I used to use 18mg MTL at the time so i thought 12mg for DTL would be fine. What a surprise,it wasn’t. Totally underestimated the power of a sub ohm tank and the guy in the shop was a bit of an idiot to give me the 12mg juice in the first place.
I didn’t feel any sickness but i got quite a headache. It was quite obvious that it came from the vape so I returned to my MTL tank until i got 6mg and 3mg liquid. I haven’t noticed any other symptoms though. Perfectly happy with 3mg now and I’m going to try a 1.5mg batch next time.


Lmfao,coffee every where now.

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This OP’s post reminds me of the guy that walked into my establishment today…

Biker dude. The kind of biker that gives bikers a bad rep.

He asked me what flavor I was vaping and where I bought it. I told him ‘Many flavors’ and I DIY.

He said ‘Oh really! Cool! I make my own too! I vape 150 mg. Blows people away when they try to vape my juice!’

I had a VERY hard time holding myself together. I calmly told him he might mean
1.5mg or even 15mg, but not 150 mg, as that would kill you. He laughed and said ‘No, it’s 150mg!’

yeah… I left it alone. Not worth it.
Darwin will take care of that I think.


Methamphetamine is a hell of a drug…


i was preparing a 6mg e-liquid using the 100mg/ml nicotine pg base… i never vape more than 6mg… the base spilled on my skin and it was the first time it happend to me, so i was concerened and asked if someone had this experience before. was my question wrong or against the forum rules? if so i will delete it.

Oh noooooooooooooo, @kupilot!!! I in NO WAY was disparaging your post.
I’m so SORRY if that is how anyone interpreted what I typed. Oh my. lol

I am old, and was just relating an experience I had today that I was reminded of
because of your posting about the poisonous aspect of nicotine. That’s all. :slight_smile:


We are a very lighthearted bunch and maybe we are too comfortable sometimes.

Your question was a very good valid question and you have reason to be concerned, nicotine is dangerous.

You did the right thing to rinse the affected areas with plenty of water, if you feel unwell please get help from your local doctors.


To be fair, I know a guy who happily subohms 24mg all day. How he’s still standing is a mystery to me, but it works for him. I made the mistake of trying one of his DIY concoctions once. ONCE.

150mg however… I doubt anyone’s throat would survive that. Not even mentioning whatever flavor is in juice of that strength is completely pushed out by the nicotine.

Here’s the real question, does this guy do direct lung hits, or mouth to lung hits? Using 24mg nic juice becomes less impressive (or looney depending on your point of view) when you realize the person is doing mouth to lung hits and is limited to the amount they can fit in their mouth. If this person is doing direct lung hits of 24mg juice then he’s a bit of a loon…

Hello @kupilot,

You use the proper way to deal with the situation and normally you do not need to worry much but in case you feeling any unusual please call your poison center and keep the bottle with you when seeing a doctor. and always remember to use gloves when handling nicotine density at 10% and also a well ventilated area to make your mixes.


Yeah… He probably also has 200/200 vision, does 650mph on the freeway, and sets the oven to 3500 degrees when he makes a roast. /facepalm