100ml Plastic Bottles

I have looked and looked for this bottle I get from a local Vape store. I love this bottle, but can’t find them to sell my E-Liquid in. I’m attaching a picture if anybody knows where and the best deal. Thanks.

100ML Child Proof Safe Caps and Tips LDPE Plastic Dropper Bottles Colorful Caps
10 for $7.18 if you shop some you can get them cheaper


Heartland Vapes have them by the 100 if you need lots. Maybe single too, not sure…



Heartland is where I got mine. Nice quality and very fast shipping. It’s cool that we can choose the cap color. I didn’t see an option for buying less than 100 but the price per bottle is really cheap. For my needs though I’m pretty sure I’ve got at least a year supply. :grinning:

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i only have a couple of those bottles but i love them , i have no clue where i got them from must have had some old commercial juice and washed them out

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Very nice. I’m going to order them now. Thanks a lot.

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If you want 500 pieces

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I’ve been switching to the glass bottles

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I mix and store in glass bottles, but put them in the plastic bottle when using since they have the dropper tips to put in my tank

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I’ve made the switch to glass, I have some with droppers and some with cone caps.

I just ordered 6 clear ones and 6 blue ones to go with my amber ones I have.

+1 for Heartland vapes



Is flavour/plastic leeching a problem u reckon?

I have never noticed any problem, and I do use plastic for travel, I just prefer colored glass for steeping and around the house.

Amber, Cobalt, Black Bottles will slow Oxidation to next to nothing and juice or nicotine storage can be extended greatly. Even clear glass slows oxidation somewhat because oxygen is not absorbed through glass. Plastics can and do absorb oxygen slowly. That being said there’s not a lot to worry about unless you plan on long term storage…