12 Monkeys O-rangz (friut loops with milk)

Bought this juice in a vape shop today and can’t put it down… would love to find a clone or recipe for something similar… The taste I would describe as fruit loops and milk but more accurately its like the bottom of the fruit loops box where all the broken pieces and powder are mixed in milk. Im really hoping there’s a recipe for it or something close cause I dont want to be buying it for 28.99 for 30 ml all the time lol

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Good Ol’ Canadian juice, a bit sweet for me but they nailed the fruitloops


Found this recipe and I think that it might be close to what im tasting but im 100% sure that this one has sucralose in it as its leaving sucralose on my lips lol… http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/325049/Fruit+loops+looper+# what percentage should I try adding of sweetner?

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My take on adding a sweetner is I first see if it is really necessary by making the juice without it .It is easy to add later if needed.Then if wanted, I proceed slowly and would add no more than .05% at a time. I have gone to using the pyure organic liquid stevia and only add a drop and test.
I honestly think the recipe you posted will be plenty sweet for most people but everyone has a preference and nothing wrong with that.