180ml of DX Sweet Cream (Australia Only)

I have x3 60ml (2oz) bottles of DX Sweet Cream that I ordered by mistake. They are about 5 weeks old (kept in fridge). Wondering if anyone has anything interesting to trade me for them.
Australia/New Zealand enquiries only please.

Bloody hell, it would take you some time to work your way though 180ml of Sweet Cream DX.
What sort of flavours were you thinking of?
I’m in NZ so it’s not really that cheap to just pop stuff in the mail to and from Aus.

Hey G-Fog, I wouldn’t mind some fruit flavors as I have custards, creams, oh and I’ve got dragonfruit plus strawberries.
Was just putting it out there if anyone wanted the dx sweet cream. I’d accept nearly anything as long as it’s something that I don’t have.
Don’t want to see my 3 bottles go to waste!

@Grugs83 have you looked at The Juice Factory in Aus yet?
Their prices are pretty reasonable, and delivery quick.
Sorry, but I have both Cap and TFA Sweet Cream in stock at the moment, so don’t really need any more right now.
Thanks for the offer though.

Hadn’t heard of The Juicy Factory. Thanks for that I’ll probably get my next order through them then.
No worries G-Fog.