18650 Batteries Internal Resistance Test

I am just a battery junkies and want to know the relationship between battery internal resistance and high drain battery.
The statements, conclusions, and recommendations I make based on these tests are only my personal opinion.
At first, it is said that a battery with low internal resistance
delivers high current on demand. High resistance causes the battery to
heat up and the voltage to drop.

In general, all of the coil of big Watt e-cigarette box mod is
sub-ohm,as the same level as the internal resistance, so the lower the
internal resistance of batteries, then the lower internal resistance of
the whole circuit, the higher the current will be improved, which make
more smoking cloud. Besides, the lower the internal resistance of
batteries, the higher working efficiency of the batteries (the less
energy will be expended by the battery itself when used), and the higher
effective using energy after charged.

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So would different batteries work more efficiently for different wattage uses then?
I was going to post a thread on what would be best for me as im not clued up on batteries.
I usually vape on about 40 watts.
I have a samsung 25r and an efest 3000mah battery and the efest drains a lot quicker than the samsung.

I would recommend you read this: http://vapingunderground.com/threads/warning-on-efest-35-and-20-amp-cells.11556/

You may want to stop using efest batteries. I wouldn’t trust them for vaping at all.

I had better ditch that one then for safety’s sake.
Any recommendations?

I have about 12 of the Samsung 25R-R5’s and 3 Sony VTC 5’s that I’m very happy with. I know a lot of people like the LG HG2 batteries as well. I would recommend you get them from a reputable source like: http://www.illumn.com/batteries-chargers-and-powerpax-carriers.html?___store=default&battery_size=292&cat=120
You can find awesome prices on Ebay but it’s a roll of the dice whether you get authentic batteries or not.

I have about 8 of the LG HG2 35a/20a 3000mah batteries that I really like.

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