18650 Battery cost

11 months ago I bought some Sony 18650 batteries from IMRbatteries for $4.50 each. Same battery is now listed at $6.99. That’s a 55% increase in less than a year. What gives?


It’s the economy right now. Since the first of the year floor covering has been changing so rapidly that I can not keep up with my database. Now I sell floor covering like fish. I call and get “price of the day” at point of sale. I’ve been watching groceries do the same thing.


Inflation, the diminishing value of the dollar goes down as things like goods and services go up, the guy that pours your coffee in the morning wants 15 dollars an hour, so to make up for that cost they raise the cost of the coffee, the cup, etc. Rent and Housing goes up too, expect to pay more rent in the not so distant futre… Here, where I live (Northern Alberta, Canada) the inflation rate has gone up almost 5% and the cost to get basic things like vegetables and fruit that needs to be trucked in jumped up more than that I’d say, I bought 5 average sized pears last week and paid 8 dollars… 20 bucks a lbs for steak that gets butchered a few kilometres outside of town… Once my contract is up for my 2 bedroom aparment with no range fan above the stove so I can’t even cook or shower without the fire alarm going off is going to cost me 1225 a month… I’d say 6.99 a battery is still a good price, if you were to get them from a vape shop here they’d be 18-20 for one, but then again you still have to factor in operation fees, staff, overhead, rent, etc.


Supply and demand. The higher the demand and the lower the supply, the higher the price.


They all have 1 common denominator…greed.


Thanks for all the usual suspects, but…

Some price increases over the past year, according to Forbes, US News and World Report, and the US Gov’t:

Average overall price increase 5.4%
Used cars and trucks - 10.5% or 24.4%
New cars - 8.7%
Fuel Oil - 6.2%
Airline fares - 2.7%
Clothing - 1.6% Shoes - 11.9%
Furniture - 11.2%
Hotels - 18%
TVs and Electronics - 12.7%

Nothing comes close to the 55% increase for batteries.


Battery’s come here by ship. Freight has gotten outrageous. Double to triple price increases from 2020.