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18650 Battery *Washers


I have a whole bunch of the wrappers for my batteries. What I am having trouble finding is the washers that go over the positive intake of the batteries. It’s the thing you put on before heating your battery up, does anyone have any places to get these?



Googling (or amazoning) “18650 insulator rings” turns up quite a few vendors
You can make them yourself as well from cardboard or plastic you have laying around. There are tutorials on youtube.

Most battery vendors also sell them. I buy my batteries from fogstar.co.uk and they always include battery carry boxes, a few spare wraps and insulator rings.


If you’re in the states, this are the places to go, for all your battery/wraps/washers/cases etc. :wink:



I ebayed it but must have had my name wrong. I ended up buying one from someone in the U.K. :smiley:


Make sure they sticky like ones wof linked, come in black if u care for some ungodly reason, save the centers for ‘feet’ for things


I’ve only reused the ones from off my cells when I’ve rewrapped. Never the nifty sticky ones. A teeny dab of cyanoacrylate and it holds until I get the shrink shrunk.


heard of peps doing that but at under 2 bucks for 50, throw em in cart. Honestly thats most important part, the seperation between pos and neg and u can easily short by simply putting in a charger when the charger contact bar hits both the battery’s pos post and the casing, cracked and old just wont do


If they were damaged I wouldn’t use them. Just never heard of cool sticky ones, neato.


Yep but just replying that safety/cost thing, not something u want to skimp on when peps spend hundreds of dollars on a mod and have it fried by something so simple and cheap to replace is “silly”


Love Liion Wholesale, only battery vendor I use.


Good link @woftam.


Other weird question, apparently a little of the plastic from my mods was missing. I stuck it in my charger and it made a weird popping. I got it out quick. Should I just throw that battery away? Will it still work fine?


If you discard it, do so in a proper recycle bucket rather than throwing it away.

Will it still work fine? I don’t know… But cells are the single greatest area of caution for me, and if I have any misgivings about one, it’s outta here.


I’m going to toss illumn into that list of vendors-They’re a great vendor with authentic cells and great prices! They also carry wraps and insulator rings for 18650’s and have started carrying wraps for 2x700 cells as well.



I will never buy anything from them ever again I ordered some squonk bottles from them almost 3 months ago and I still have not received them! I got my insulators from Amazon


Just got my washers in last week. It’s been that long.


I have these they work good