1st mix, black currant and mango

Hi guys, I’m going to attempt my very first juice mix. I am currently vaping AJ Vape Mango & Blackcurrant. I’m going to try and recreate it (ugh maybe). I have Capella Sweet Mango, chill pill black currant blast and capella menthol. What would the ideal ratio be for these?


Sweet mango capella, start at 4% (i’ve no idea how strong the mango in the e juice you mentioned)
Menthol capella start at 1%
I’m not familiar with the blackcurrant, sorry.


Chill Pill BC is a one shot, not that you cannot use it for mixes (you certainly can), but their %'s can be a little higher than what you would use from a single flavour concentrate. You will need to play about with that one, I know the recommended % is from 10-15%, but when I personally tried that flavour (solo), I found I needed 20% to get a good flavour from it.

Problem is, taste is subjective, so what I find weak could be really overpowering to the next person, but in a mix I would probably err on the side of caution and start at around 5%. You can always add a bit more later, it is a lot harder to dilute an overly strong flavour too! Good luck!


Thanks guys. This is what I’m thinking. Too weak?


Looks like a very good starting point! 10% may be a little weak at 50/50, but weak is better than strong imho.


Looks like a good start. Personally, I’d suggest going light on the Super Sweet and Menthol, then building up from there. Particularly as cooling additives mute flavours. @yodaofborg right about flavouring he is.


I would cut the Super Sweet in half. Better to start low and add if needed, than have it too high and ruin the mix.