2.5, or 3 diameter for aromanizer?

Just wondering which is better for the aromamizer, 2.5 or 3 diameter? I have 2.5 right now in, and it seems good, just curious if 3 would make much difference next time I make coils for it?

Nevermind lol… Just wrapped up some new coils to try in this thing… 24 and 28 kanthal parallel, 5 wraps with 3id, now at 0.18ohm, much more vape and flavor Mmm :yum: much better than the 24g by itself 2.5id 7 wraps I had. Boy experimenting is fun… Thank god for steam… Took some figuring out on my own, but I understand how to use it much better now…

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when asking others for opinions, thats exactly what you’ll get…opinions, not facts.
sure, it will give you ideas, but your opinion may vary in the end.
take as many ideas and suggestion as possible and create your perfection.
it looks like youve already begun to do that.
my opinion: the aromamizer has a great juice feeding system, so i like lots of surface area which gives off lots of vapor…of course i’m also running at 100W+


Yea I looked at surface area on steam when I was making it, this has about 30% more than the single wire dual coil set up I originally put on :slight_smile: mine tastes pretty good to me right around 60watts just fires right up nice flavorful and thick vape :slight_smile:


You are on the right track @mikelej14.The largest coil you can fit usually produces the best flavor due to having more surface area to heat the liquid.People have been taking it further by building clapton’s and beyond.
I use the 2.5 on most of my builds as it fits well without much trouble but like @Whiterose0818 stated it is just personal preference.I like running my watts in the 45-65 area.


idk how you could fit a clapton in that, must be pretty small gauges used huh?

Yes indeed , I was using a 28 guage NiChrome 80 main wire wrapped by a 38. IIRC it will work on a 2.5 but I may have used a 2.0.On my Aromamizers now all I have been using is Titanium.To me Ti makes as good of a flavor as a clapton and without the headaches.

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As luck would have it I was needing to build three of my Aromamizers tonight.I decided to check and see what kind of clapton we can fit @mikelej14.
I put a 5.5 wrap fused clapton on a 2.5 i.d. rod.It is tight but very doable even with my eyes . The wire was a 28gaX2 with a 32ga wrap.