2 easy mixes for a newbie?

Hello guys,

So yea i’ve been diy’in aroung 1-2 month’s right now and want a ice/cold juice with a low steep like shake and vape or 1-2days ,
I’ve been using vanilla and other cream flavors a lot, and i am almost out of diy juice,

So what can you guys recommend me to order ? i usually go for bulk’s so like 400-600ml juice.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Have you looked on the recipe side of this site?


The recipe side is a super good place to find recipes that fit your specific taste. When you see one, you can order the flavors required and mix away!
I like bull city flavors and flavorah for flavor orders.
Liquid barn has awesome pg, vg and nicotine. Nicotine river also sells good pg, vg, nic supplies ect.
Good luck!


For non steeping recipes, you could search snv in the recipe side. There are plenty there. After that, just look up the ones you like / the ones you have the flavors for. Most snv recipes are simple.

Good luck.


A mix originated by @Skullblade789

You can sub the blueberries with watermelon TPA and watermelon candy TPA at the same percentages. You can also sub the super sweet with Liquid Stevia Pyure or leave it out all together. The sweetener does add to the overall mix offering a sweet menthol. It is icy and ready as soon as you mix.


There is some good info on cooling agents here.

I’ve seen many recipes that combine Watermelon and a cooling additive like Koolada. You might try finding a popular/highly rated and simple Watermelon recipe if you haven’t already, or search the flavor list for the most commonly used concentrate for that flavor. Strawberry, other Melons and Citrus flavors seem like they would work in a cool recipe too.

If you keep the recipe simple and fruit-oriented, (I’ve read you should go very light on the cooling btw), the steep time should be in the ballpark of your request. You may already know, adding creams, bakeries or tobacco flavors usually increases steep time. However, you will probably notice that even simple fruit flavors, though ok at a day or two steep, will benefit greatly from at least a week or two to fully develop.

Best of luck on your hunt!


You need to do some testing at the 15ml and 30ml to find what you like.

For simple…
Fresh cream fa 0.25 % to help with sharp notes
Marshmallow 0.5 to 0.75% some sweetness
1 fruit (at a desired flavor percent).
1 fruit. (At a desired flavor percent)

The two fruits may be two of the same. Two different strawberry’s from different manufactures. Or two different fruits like apple and banana.

Then pick your cooling agent. Polar blast koolada ws23 menthol or a mint.

Results will very. I recommend mixing and testing prior to adding a cooling agent.


One of the best recommendations posted:



Yea if you want cold without menthol get ws-23 cooling agent, id stay away from Koolada which is ws-3 I believe but it has a weird taste and mutes over time plus they are the same price generally.
go to recipes side of ELR and sort by rating to see the most popular mixes, SNV are very popular.

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You may not have the flavors for these, but here is a couple profiles, if you like fruits :slight_smile: