20 ton excavator vs Aegis Legend

I had a call this afternoon from a customer who needed me to drop a new mod off to him at work as his old legend had had a bit of a malfunction. I asked him what the malfunction was and it turns out he was the malfunction. He put his mod down on the tracks of a 20-ton excavator and forgot it was there as he trundled off. I am going to see if I can bring it back but right now the batteries won’t fit in as it is a little squashed.

But I was pretty surprised at the condition considering a 20-ton excavator with steel tracks ran over it (the ground was a little soft as we had a few ml of rain today but still surprising).


if that think still works, after you get batteries in it… I’ll go buy one


Any pics of what was left over from the tank that was attached? :slight_smile:


He didn’t bring it around to me but it was apparently just a pancake.


Ok i got batteries in it but no joy was had - mainly because the battery door is unable to be closed properly I did take the bottom battery plate off and see if holding it on the batteries enabled the mod to turn on it didn’t.

It did give me a chance to pull one down which i was unwilling to do with a working mod. There is a lot of silicone enabling these to be waterproof.

On a side note people that are seeing juice on the inside of the screen can fix it very easily with the front glass plate that is available for about $5 on 3avape and geekvape and it is a very easy change it is stuck onto a perspex (?) sheet so changing ti out will not compromise the mod at all.

Underneath the first screen protector

1st and 2nd protectors

the bottom one is the reverse side of the 1st screen protector which is held on with a generous amount of double sided tape (the rubber outside wraps around the edges and it is pretty easy to remove and replace.

Pull down pics @Sprkslfly may be interested to see these.

A bit squished the outside casing after everything is removed.


Awesome! Thanks for that.


That’s one for the books. OooooPs! Dig the share!


Impressive man!

Safe to say the weight was evenly distributed! lol
Would have like to seen the results on a hard surface! Lmao


Pretty remarkable condition all things considered. Too bad you couldn’t get it to work. THAT would have been a great testimonial.


I’d like to see that done to any and ALL Sigelei products. Just line 'em up and rollllll


Lmao add joytech, wismec and smok and the world would be a safer place


Sigelei actually used to be very reputable and well performing (and designed) products back in the day, complete with full metal jackets (akin to IPV).

IMO, they only dropped their game about the time TC came into being.

It feels more like the company was sold, or perhaps handed off to an idiot family member…
But regardless, I wouldn’t say ALL.
I COULD definitely agree with “recent” though! :wink:


Well, the board still looks good. Perhaps you could use it as a donor board


Wow! Just…Wow!!!

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