24mm rda clones

hello to any one who reads this , i was wondering if anyone knew of any good 24 mm rda clones and if they knew a good site to buy alright clones from . i currently use digital imports website to order gear but i was just looking for somewhere better if there is anywhere better


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http://www.angelcigs.com/ has a lot of clones

Efun.top fasttech.com that’s where i get cells and gear and wire. Cotton is native to americas so best ive found if sirgical in hospital biy not so easy to get a hold of much. Second is orhanic cotton balls they unroll perfectly for tje joint wicking method i use 100% vg

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thanks for the reply , i checked it out but couldn’t see if they ship to canada , i wondering if you know ? sorry and i was also wondering if you would recommend buying a device off that site , i see the lost vape tirade is only 129.00$ but that seems kinda cheap for a dna . thanks again

thanks for replying , sorry to bug you but are the clones pretty decent on this site ? and do they ship pretty quickly or is it like aliexpress (other china wholesale ) and can take up to 6 months .

hello and thanks for answering , i don’t really trust sites for batterys unless they have a brick and mortar store , i use cotton bacon for wick and sheets of organic cotton (the tan colored stuff ) , i was wondering if shipping takes forever when order from fast tech ?

I think they ship to Canada I have ordered from 3fvape and it only took 2 weeks

I bought an Aromamizer, Goon and a few Velocity clones there. I was pleased with them.

DO NOT ORDER A DEVOCE UNTIL JANUARY 28 MASSIVE CHINESSE NEW YEAR SALE ull ger triade for like 85-90$ dna250. As for attts efun.top chaehes canada post fasttech is cheaper bit theu oem clones engraving free

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3fvape is other cheao legit site i kbow cigabuy.com i was going to biu butsais unsafe on evert browaer and for 800,000 custumsrs according to them 23reselar ratings is not goos and tjeees a hihw rant of how if u dont pau teackinf they will scam yoy

I am super impressed with this clone, I use it daily and i can’y find fault with it, the flavour is immense :thumbsup:

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I second that!!

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Dont think this is a clone yet, But it will be the one we will all want

that chaos rda looks a pile of scrap metal lol, another dust colllector with no real purpose in my humble opion . i am considering that good clone but i’ve heard "horror " story’s about some people getting the good clone and the screws are to close together and not long enough , but i do enjoy the clamp posts , so easy to work with on azeroth rdta .

have you ordered a mod from there before ? that seems to cheap for dna 200 , it seems like at 85-100 $ is whole sale to a distributor who buys in bulk , i don’t know how they can sell them so cheap . please let me know what device you have gotten from the site you recommended . thanks againn

I have a goon and a goon clone. I ordered the clone of Amazon. Seeker only lasted a week. But the clone id’s almost spot on… only diff. Was no angle on the clamps and no sir hooks for single coils… sorry seller is no longer available… $7 I tend to use it allot at work. I’m a mechanic and if I break a $7 clone no biggy

that’s why i buy some clones aswell , i carry my rig and a unicorn bottle in my tool belt at work hahah if i’m not mistaken you can’t buy gear on amazon anymore , the bevels on the clamps doesn’t bother because i have a azeroth rdta (goon style deck ) and i’m not sure why people care so much about that , i easily get my leads in and never have this fight everyone seems to talk about

Shop in abby had 1 left that ‘didnt work’… overtightened face playe $55 canadian flat. As for sdna ot arrived with shitty paint so i made a complaint. …and yes i do have most main manufacturers in my phone but latelyball catalog of new releases for next first half part year seems like they going backwards

Ive gotten several RDA clones from www.fasttech.com and never had a bad experience. The wait time can be a bit long but I always get what I order and have never had an issue.

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