3 days no sealed E-liquid, bad experience

My e-cigarette was filled with e-liquid and I took a few sips. After a weekend and plus one day, I smoke, the flavor didn’t change.
but when I passed the throat, I feel uncomfortable spicy. Bad experience.
Did you have this experience? Why it changed?


From the little info that you’ve given us, I would assume this is due to nicotine oxidation. Where did you store your e-cig? Was it exposed to heat or light?

Please forgive my sarcasm :wink: but your info…

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Shouldn’t you, the professional, be the one telling us, DIYers, why it changed? You know what’s happened to it, what device you’re talking about, etc


en~, I sell electronic cigarettes and e-liquid, but I do not smoke myself. In order to increase my understanding of electronic cigarettes and e-liquid, I started to try to smoke electronic cigarettes, so it come the situation, but often it will take a long time to remember smoking, which is why the taste of smoke in my e-cigarette has changed that way


Are you using nicotine in your vape or do you vape 0mg nicotine juice?

When nicotine goes bad, e.g. due to exposure to heat, light or oxigen, it can give you a harsh vape and taste peppery.
If you’re not vaping nicotine juice, maybe there’s some other contamination that got into your e-cig. If you get dust or other contaminants on your wick and coils, you can have some nasty flavor too.


Of course, the e-liquid is grapefruit flavor contains nicotine. the flavor didn’t change, but my throat feel uncomfortable , I was wondering which part will oxidation in VG, PG and nicotine?


It’s just the nicotine that can oxidize. If you have zero nicotine juice, you might get some flavor muting when your e-liquids are exposed to heat and light, but it shouldn’t get harsh.

One other explanation of course, is that you’re just not used to vaping. Maybe you caught a bit of a cold and the vape is just irritating your throat?
I understand why you try to vape and understand the business you’re in, but if you were never a smoker, I will recommend you to stop vaping. Even though it’s not as bad as smoking cigarettes, vaping is always worse than inhaling normal air. And if you insist on vaping, don’t use nicotine in your e-liquid.


Thank you for your patient explanation, much thanks@Suomynona


No problem. If you wait a little longer, some other people may give their ideas on it as well. It’s always good to get a few more ideas, other people may have different experiences.


Could be simply that you are not used to vaping. Don’t inhale until you have let the vapor sit in your mouth for several seconds until you get used to it. Another thing is grapefruit is a citrus, maybe the flavor percentage is a bit too high. Try adding a ml or two of vg to the juice.


Don’t drink it, and don’t smoke it. Try vaping it. You sell the stuff; you ought to know a little more about it! :sunglasses:


Just a hunch…Assuming you’re using a non-rebuildable atomizer due to your lack of experience with vaping…Your coil head will oversaturate with liquid if left alone for a few days and could be giving you a rather large and messy amount of vapor when you first pick it back up. If you think this might be the case, try firing it while blowing gently into the mouthpiece for a few seconds, let cool and repeat a few times. This should clear the excess liquid and return you to normal vaping experience. Hope this helps!


Fixed it.
(I realize you were being restrained…)

Personally, anyone selling products they’re not familiar with is running substantially higher risk of failure when they don’t know what they’re selling, and it looks even worse (to the potential buyer) when the person trying to sell can’t explain the product.

“Parrots” are easy to spot when you’re an informed consumer. And though some unsuspecting/uninformed novices may be lured in, they will become resentful of being taken advantage of as their level of understanding increases.

Worst case, such a seller could put someone off vaping completely (during the initial stage), and you could be responsible for someone continuing to smoke. Is the sole goal making money? Or are you seriously interested in helping people to quit smoking? These are things I would be asking myself were I in his position.

I hope that he/she is only testing the idea of something, rather than trying to figure out (after the fact) a current problem a customer is experiencing. But it’s obvious there’s a huge language gap (in addition to the knowledge gap) so I am trying to be kind, contrary to how it might appear to some.

As has been noted, there is a lot of info missing still.


Funny, entertaining read. Nice spot @anon28032772, I believe @KKEMC should have started the post w/ something like "Boy, this is embarrasing but… ", sexy avatar tho. No chance of ELR discount codes? Not that iam personally interested but perhaps a PM to those who may have managed to help you.


No offense , but this reminds me of the store down the street called

lo - lo cigarette outlet

He tried to get into the vape market, he had legit mods and batteries at a very reasonable price . But his commercial juice sucked… he’d recomend different flavors saying this smells good… but if you asked him how it tasted he would respond. I don’t know I don’t vape…

Needless to say his vape store didn’t stay open very long…


I never buy vape products from someone who doesn’t vape…


:joy::joy::joy: what should I say

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I think It’s right about what you told to me , I will try it. Thank you


Very good point of view, people are very willing to buy professional sellers’s goods, after all, if there is any doubt or ask for help or something, the seller will quickly give a Appropriate explanation. That’s all the buyer’s voice when buying something.
That’s why I want try to understand the ecig and e-juice.


Your pertinent advice reminds me of an old friend who said something about traditional cigarettes.
He said: "A lot of people say that he smokes himself because of courtesy. He needs to give friends, guests, leaders… but here comes the question, you need to get give cigarette to others, ok, just give, Why do you smoke yourself?

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After listening to your suggestions, I think you are an expert who understands smoke. I will try it this way. thank you very much

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I don’t know about all of that, I’ve just run into the issue before. I hope it is the answer.

You need to stop calling it smoke if you want any kind of respect from your clientele or the vaping/e-cig industry.

Nobody with an e-cigarette is smoking anything with their device. We are inhaling a kind of aerosol that we affectionately refer to as vapor.

I’m glad to see that you are reaching out to the community to gain knowledge of the industry you have entered without researching. You have a lot to learn if you want to be able to sell your products effectively and safely. My greatest recommendation is to spend many hours watching videos, talking to experienced people and reading as much as possible.

You are selling potentially dangerous materials to people who may have no idea of proper precautions and technique. If you aren’t well-versed in safety and the needs of different types of vapers, your best case scenario is that your business will fail. Worst-case scenario, your ignorance could lead to serious injury of a customer.