3 New Steam Crave Products in mid-March?

Looks like a new Aromamizer with metal AFC band as well as a Top Fill RDTA with metal AFC as well.

Link to original sub-reddit.

Link to flyer pic.


That’s a big improvement! Personally I hate the rubber AFC ring, and find it rather useless for fine tuning the air flow. That said, the Supreme looks really, really boring, aesthetically :grinning:

Thanks for sharing!

Far better with the metal afc. I leave mine fully open but the rubber band looks disgusting,tacky even cheap.
The supreme looks like it would be better. Very interested. Was going to buy the limited edition but might just hold off.
I see the Griffin is getting a makeover aswell with the addition of top airflow. On the never ending list it goes. :yum:
Edit: didn’t see the size increase, 25mm. Only get’s better. :ok_hand:

It looks like they may have made the Aromamizer so it will accept regular drip tips. Is it top fill?

Theres a special edition out that has the flat top for 510 tips

So they basically just chopped the top off of some. That’s funny LOL.


Pic in the Wild of the Aromamizer V2.

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Early reviews on the Supremo tank sound good. Placeholder item up on VapeNW already.

“As a beta tester for this tank, I will say this will make you re-think everything you know about tanks… It’s a beast. Both flavor AND vapor is second to none, I haven’t experienced such a perfect balance in all my years of vaping… The engineering is perfect and performance stellar… Steam Crave completely outdid themselves in creating this masterpiece. It’s no gas sipping 4 cylinder, mind you… it’s a fire breathing 427 big block with a 4-barrel… A build deck big enough for Claptons, and enough airflow you can win comps… Get it…”

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