30mm or 32mm RTA or RDTA I would like to have

I’ve been looking around some and I don’t see a 30mm or 32mm RTA or RDTA available for what I have in mind.

Instead of a massive build deck, I would like a flavor oriented single coil deck on the smaller side. One that is geared towards a simple coil, has a small chamber and short chimney.

A small inner chamber as such would still provide a good amount of juice capacity even with a short chimney since the outer tank is 30mm or 32mm.

A MTL flavor monster!

I’ve grown tired of looking at 22mm - 25mm tanks that are 50mm - 60mm tall. I want short and fat to fit atop my Smoant Cylon dual 18650 for all day MTL flavor goodness.

Does such a tank already exists?

Closest I see is the Steam Crave Arommamizer 5 ml. But if I’m not mistaken it’s a larger chamber “big coil” deck.


Purge Money Shot is a 30mm RDA with a 24mm deck - white it isn’t quite MTL it sort of fits the bill. Flavour is pretty good the price is not so good.


The DeathWish Modz v1 Deathtrap can be a single coil 30 mm RDA

The v2 is out now and is 25 mmm so if you want the 30mm you will have to find a v1 somewhere.


@woftam I like the suggestion but for a simple single coil “small chamber” deck I would imagine that I would like a 510 tip. Multiple tips, short and long would be great.


Ya I am not sure that anyone makes a small chamber 30mm. Maybe the Sherman would sort of fit the bill but AFAIK there wont be anything MTL in 30mm


Someone should make one with interchangeable build decks, “small single”, “large double”, interchangeable chimney and glass. The small deck chimney could be 510, the large deck chimney could be 610 and/or 810.

Multiple tips lengths at least for the 510.

The interchangeable build decks could be based on a flat disc bottom piece with a hole in the center to accept the deck that has a standard 510 connector that is extended enough to fit trough the hole in the bottom disk. The bottom disc and the inner changeable deck could be indexed with a pin or keyed such that the airflow pathways of the bottom disc (adjustable, of course) would line up with the air passages in the interchangeable build deck.

Or, instead of selling a modular system, sell with the option to choose one sized bottom piece/chimney with the option to buy the other size separate if desired.

Someone make this please! ( Steam Crave? )
Keep it short, not like a skyscraper, unless of course, you choose to buy the extended glass and chimney stack (ala - Arommamizer plus).


Asgard RDA from Vaporz Cloud. Postless deck so a single coil should be easy. The ultem insert in the top cap reduces the chamber. The airflow is adjustable but I don’t think turning it down so far to make it MTL would be doing this atty justice.


@TheTinMan That’s pretty cool! I like the description of the airflow system. Thanks for sharing this with me.


This looks nice.

Churchill Robusto 30mm RTA by E-Apothecary


What you are describing sounds alot like aromamizer plus.
Not at all mtl and all options 810
but changable decks including single coil that blocks most of chamber off.
2 lengths of chimney or remove and use as dripper.


Steam crave aromizer plus can be an RDA or towering monster can’t it? Since you got me on the aromizer plus, it’s everything I need and could ever own. I’ve been though a ton of tanks and RDA too.


I am with you there, the only other rta i use regularly now is the aromamizer titan for wh3n 30mm is just not enough


That thing is a monster. Been using 3 coils on it. Still go back to the plus cause it gives better flavor imo


I mainly rock the series deck. A pair of nice flaptons at around 1.1 ohm hit it at around 8v and its flavour for days.


I just ordered the Steamcrave Blue, Limited edition Arommamizer Plus! I can’t wait!!!


I loved the Steam Crave Aromamizer plus so much, I got one and within weeks, I had another 3 on my door and use them on a daily basis.


So far, this is the closest thing there is, https://svoemesto.de/portfolio-item/kayfun-lite-2019/

to what you are looking for. You could design one yourself maybe, by using this



This if it was rebuildable.


Those coils are actually fairly easy to rebuild. I actually have that tank still and back in the day it was pretty awesome, IMO. It’s quite old now and the flavor sucks compared to whats coming out now a days.

I think you got a good idea. If you decide to create one, let us know how it goes.


It’s here :upside_down_face: