36mg Fire And Ice...Needing help please

Hello I am Attempting to create my own Fire and Ice Variant Called Mr. Sage’s Burning bush…I am horrible at math and would like some help trying to figure out how to mix this stuff. I use 36mg and have been for 6 years now. I will list the stuff i have and just need to now the %,Drops or however i need to mix this stuff. Any help would be appreciated.
Menthol Crystal 10% Solution × 1

100mg/mL Nicotine Base Size: 250ml %100 PG.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) 500ml

Menthol Crystal 10% Solution Size:120mL (120ml)

Cinnamon Flavor Concentrate by TFA (120ml)

Super Sweet Liquid Sucralose Sweetener Flavor Concentrate by CAP (120ml)

What i need to know is the amounts i need for each in order to get 36mg …also i want to use all of my nicotine base which is 250ml.

Thanks to anyone who can help me on my mission!

You will have to use a total base of 694 ml. That is including the 250 ml nicotine.
249.84 ml nicotine and 444.16 ml VG and flavour will get you a juice that is 36 mg.
I don’t know how much flavour you are going to use but you subtract the amount of flavour from the 444.16 and what is left over will be the amount of VG you will have to use. If you just make it an even 250 + 444 it will be easier to calculate and will only make an infinitesimal difference on the nicotine level.
If you can give me the percentage of the various flavours you want to use I could give you the amounts that go with it.

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Ok… fixed it. Not sure what percentages of pg/vg you wanted to end up with, but this is a recipe
I adapted from ELR by Joneser . This is max vg.


Wow… Awesome… Thank you all. Cant wait for the rest of my ingredients get here. I will try this out and get back with you all.

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BTW, I highly recommend you use the ELR calculator and make a smaller batch of this to make sure
you like it before putting all of your ingredients at risk.

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For sure that was my next question is how to make a smaller batch… Like say 30ml

Just click on the top right of the page on create recipe and fill in the values. It will do all the calculating for you.

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