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【3Avape Giveaway】Smoant Pasito Pod Kit-The First rebuildable Pod Kit-6/22

6 from Poland

1 Yes i do

2 No i don’t

3 i have seven

4 Best pod ever!

5 The red one

6 From Russia

1 Yes i like

2 No, but i want

3 Only one

4 Awesome pod

5 Blue color

6 From Poland

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1.Do you like Pod System kit? I’m more ‘mod than pod’ with my vaping style, but main reason I’ve stayed away from pods is they haven’t been rebuildable. Interested to try rebuildable pod.

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2.Do you have any rebuildable pod? We have a Vandy Vape Simple EX Squonk mod… It is NOT a pod, but it is the size of a pod, tiny vari voltage MTL style squonk mod with an RDA. That’s the closest to a pod we own.

3.How many pods do you have? Actual pod systems, none.

4.How do you think about the Smoant Pasito Pod? Its cute! Love the small form factor, and the innovation in rebuildable pod.

5.If you win the pasito pod,Which color do you like? They’re all nice looking, but my fave is the silver/gunmetal one with the ‘gold-ish’ bokeh swirly design. Reminds me of a sari. I also really like the blue.

6.Which country are you from? US

Post #1

I like some of them, but I feel that there are so many coming out that companies are getting away from creating new high powered devices, which I do not like…

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