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3dvape.ru experiences? (coil building)

Has anyone here used 3dvape.ru before? Care to share your experience?
The site doesn’t use https … which is a bummer but not really a show stopper for me (I’m sure the Russians already have all my personal data :crazy_face: - just like the American government btw).

It’s not really clear to me what the differences are between the Coil Bulider 606CF and the 608 (+ceramic bearing). There’s only a $0.5 difference or so it seems.

If anyone has any experience with their tools, would love to hear about the quality / durability of their 3d printed material.
Some of the things that I’d like to put in my cart but still a bit hesitant due to lack of reviews or general information:
and of course one of the coil builders above.


Ya I have it takes them a little time to ship as they print them when they are are ordered. I think it took 3 weeks from order to delivery. They make some nice bits and pieces.


And their material is really heavy-duty as they state in their promo videos?
What I’ve seen from 3D prints hasn’t really impressed me so far. I’m no expert but I know there are different materials that can be used.


i haven’t broken anything from them yet they use a combo of metal and 3 d printed stuff.


Obviously I have and I love their stuff. I was hesitant about the website too but I don’t know exactly why https is a good thing.

:cold_sweat: :smirk::expressionless:
Ceramic bearings are supposed to last longer and the tolerances are tighter and they don’t heat up as much.

I actually sent the last vid I made using the spacerv2 to 3dvape so that they could have one in English but I never heard back. Not even a F#ck you very much. Even so, I still like their stuff.

Have you checked out https://usaohmmeters.com/ they have the same stuff but with different concepts. Though, personally, I think 3dvape has better thought out products. I like the way they think. Too bad I can’t understand what they are saying.