4 batteries married?

Hi, gang,
7-year vaper, long-time lurker here.

I mostly vape mods with internal batteries, but I got a Reuleaux RX300 that takes 4 batteries, cuz I like big batts and I can not lie! So I also got 4 Vapesourcing 18650 2100mah 30a batteries & have used them in the Reuleaux for almost 2 years.

Recently I got an Eleaf Lexicon with my stimulus money so I took 2 of the VS batteries to use in it cuz those 4 were the only batteries I had. They worked fine, but now I find of the unused 2 batteries, 1 is dead for some strange reason. It won’t register in my 2-bay charger. I’m sure all 4 worked good the last time I vaped on the Reuleaux, but now it won’t even turn on.

Fine, just order 1 new battery from Vapesourcing. Except at the mo, VS won’t ship that battery to America any more. VS will ship a Sony 2100mah 30a to America for $8.50 or so cuz their shipping rates are so high.

I don’t have a 1-battery mod, or a 3-battery mod either, so I can use a pair for a spare, but have no use for a single battery. Can I make a new foursome from the 3 older VS batteries+a new Sony VTC4? I’d rather not buy 4 new batteries cuz I mostly still use Eleaf iPower, eVic VT, or even a Penguin for my 70 puffs per hour of 6mg juice at about 37w.

Thanx for your help.


As far as I know that is against the marriage prenup. I’m no expert, lawyer, justice of the peace, or priest( :metal::sunglasses::metal: ). However, if your going to be “breaking the law” ( :metal::sunglasses::metal: ), matching the batteries capacity and max current capabilities as you are proposing would be the safest way to do the unsafe affair.

Seriously though, I just read the other day that a battery marriage does not mean the batteries have to be bought together, match measured capacity milliamp for milliamp, and always work together as one, contrary to popular belief. The article I read said it just means to use batteries that all match specs as you have proposed.

Now I really want to find where I read that and post the reference. Otherwise I’m just talking smack.

I am not saying what I read is correct (although I did read it on the internet :wink: ), or I know what Im talking about. Keep researching or do at your own risk.


If a Li battery is discharged deeply, it may not be rechargable on a regular charger. Read up on different chargers and you will see some of them claim to be able to revive a deeply discharged cell.

This from batteryuniversary.com

There are also batteries that go to sleep due to over-discharge. These seemingly dead lithium-ion packs cannot be recharged with a regular charger but there is a way to boost them back to life. (See BU-808a, How to Awaken Sleeping Li-ion)


The theory is that batteries decay over time from use and being charged. Mods will function best when the batteries are of equal specs and performance. So… If you buy new batteries and “marry” them, they will go through life with the same stresses and remain equally functional. It’s a simple method of maximizing the probability that batteries will stay equal without performing measurements and tests to find matched batteries. No method works all of the time. Batteries are not created equal in the first place.


I have the Reuleaux too, there is no marriage of 4 batteries. There are two separate bays, you have two sets of two. I marked them A and B.
If you have used them willy nilly as a couple of 4, that might account for your problem.
Then again, it could be many other things :confused:


Thanx for the info, fellow vapers. I live in a small Ohio town & don’t know any vapers to ask questions of. Yes, Josephine, I did not keep the 4 batteries in couples, I didn’t own a charger so only charged the batts in the Reuleaux, and occasionally mixed them up.


I think most of use get our batteries from a trusted source who specialize in batteries. I use IMR or Liion Wholesale but there’s also Illumn and 18650 battery store.

Married sets go through their lifetimes together. Adding a new battery to ones that have been used isn’t the same thing and not recommended. You can split up 4 into two sets of batteries and have those sets still considered “married”.

There’s a guy called Battery Mooch that’s dedicated a lot of time and resources to battery safety. I try to listen to his advice. He’s the one that recommends buying from a battery store instead of vape shops, ebay, ect. There’s lots of fakes out there and also re wrapped over priced stuff.


That’s good info, INOIROC, I’ll keep that in mind for next time. Thanx!

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