404 File Not Found - best I've seen

The thing I like about ELR is the more you poke around the more there is to find - even the 404 is a hoot. Who thought of that?


I thought it would be funny - and when I found that GIF I knew exactly what to do with it :smiley:

Oh, and the reason I did it, was because I’d visited a few sites that had really cool 404-pages - so naturally I wanted ELR to have its own! :smiley:


Any chance of a link? I can’t find the 404 page

I hope that’s a joke :slight_smile: If not here is a link to a page that doesn’t exist:

http://e-liquid-recipes.com/some_random_text :slight_smile:


Yes I wasn’t serious and know what 404 is lmao That IS the best 404 I’ve seen though :laughing:

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Yeah baby, yeah!