420 are we out here doe?

I say happy 420. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to walk staight and/or would be addicted to pain medicine due to issues with my back. It has been a blessing for me.


I’m celebrating with a brownie. But only half because it’s very… “rich”.
What is sad and unfair is the person who bought it for me in Denver or in me even possessing it would still cause us both legal problems. People are arrested for it here or fined in cases of small amounts while the next state over it’s completely legal. Him for bringing over a state line and me for possessing it. Gahhhh!
Remember the elderly couple arrested over the holidays? That was here but seems those weren’t xmas gifts after all. Legalization would cut out this nonsense and save us taxpayers from paying for it’s enforcement. js


Ditto And

^^^^^^ Big time.


Oh shit… I’m so late to this party.


I’m glad that some police can see light beyond what is legal. Until now I thought you were all pricks :rofl:

I don’t need any encouragement to celebrate 420, we’re old friends. Not something I would do or condone before or during work though.


Nice one right wing. I really want to call you something nasty but I must behave.


Hot damn I never new you were so cute :heart_eyes:

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