420 are we out here doe?

Who here is celebrating 420 at all?


Yes, I am going to get up at 7:20 and go to work then leave a little early. 4:20 to celebrate :tada:


Started early !! But yeah believe that !! Taking a break, to be continued@ 12:01 am 4/20/18
Also signed today to get my MMJ Card 4-6 weeks. #OnePlant #healTHCare


I’ll be sippin on water and milk… cause it’s my birthday.

I won’t be celebrating in the traditional sense :sunglasses:
I think I’m gonna get a big T-bone steak.


No no no no, I don’t smoke it no more.


I am a HUGE supporter although I dont partake anymore. That 12 step thing just gets in my way. I definitely support legal access for all.


420 has a LOT of mail today and it’s time to celebrate


Everyday is 420 for me. I use it as a sleep-aid and painkiller.:smirk:


Happy Healthy 4/20 #OnePlant


Even though I don’t par-take anymore puff puff pass, It helps so many with aliments I only hope they legalize it state wide, It could also be a cure for the growing abuse of narcotics that has taken far too many of are loved ones, I could go on and on about the rights of it, it is time to make a stand for our health,not only in the food we eat It is time to wake up AMERICA, stop the suffering of pain, just seeing people I love in chemo treatments, knowing it could be a better option sucks. shame on you who still think its a gateway drug or a ethnic thing. I would give my life to save a few suffering from not being able to get relive of the pain and suffering. I hope you know there is a special place in hell for those who disagree with me and I hope I don.t have to kick your ass when or if I get there.BUT i WILL ANYWAY.


Happy Birthday @threeheavens!!! Happy 420 everyone else!!!


For all of you that support legalizing Marijuana please check this site out if you do not know about them yet.

Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) lead the fight in many of the states that have now legalized it for at least medical use if not recreational use. I believe they were a big part of the reason my home state of West Virginia became the 29th state to legalize medical use.


I have never shared this in public before but I felt this may be a good day to do so.

I have suffered with different forms of chronic pain for many years. 20 plus years of taking Ibuprofen and other pain meds everyday.

About a year ago I was diagnosed stage 3 CKD or Chronic Kidney Disease. The first thing my kidney doctor told me is absolutely no more anti inflammatory drugs PERIOD.

With the advice of my regular doctor I had already been experimenting with medicinal use of marijuana as well as CBD oil for some time before my first visit to the kidney doctor.

Both of my doctors support this and I have been pain medicine free for a long time now.

My personal opinion is that Marijuana should be legalized on the federal level here in the US. There is no good reason for it to still be listed on the schedule 1 drug list. Schedule 1 means there is no legitimate medical use for that drug.

The medicinal uses for marijuana have already been proven and well documented in countries outside of the US but sadly our politicians do not seem to be willing to address this issue.

Anyway enough of my ramblings.

HAPPY 420 everybody.

Please check out the Marijuana Policy Project at the link above. If you feel they are worthy of your support please consider doing so.




Just a friendly reminder that it is also Hitler’s birthday, so think about that when you’re all high on the weeds


Happy 420. In my 26 years of law enforcement I had to fight 100’s of drunks, ZERO stoners except one when I tried to take his Twinkies but that was only him crying violently and slowly thrashing around.


Goddamn hop heads smokin them tweeds n sheit! UP WITH HOPE! DOWN WITH DOPE!


That’s fuckin’ hilarious! :grin:


I do support medicinal Marijuana for those in need.

Sadly I don’t support conversations on elr about recreational usage. {code of conduct}


I don’t personally use weed (maybe once a year) but support those that need it. Should be legalized world wide because of what David5363 said. The only drawback I see is it seems to sap a person’s ambition which is a much less serious problem than what alcohol presents… Happy 420…!


Regardless of my personal thoughts and convictions on the subject, I do feel that is a state’s right issue and not a federal one. If the people vote for it, make it so (‘it’ being whatever really). Personally, I’m tired of the government constantly looking for new avenues to erode our rights and freedoms.

From a ‘freedom to the people’ perspective, happy 420.