65ft of 316L SS, 26awg for $5.24

If anyone’s in the market for or needs to replenish some wire…


At 8 cents per foot, make it Titanium and sign me up!!! Really though, that’s an unbelievable deal. Thanks for sharing.

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Glad to help. My attempts to figure out Ti and TC have lead me to do a lot of additional reading here and that lead me to SS for VW. I know SS can do TC but I don’t have a mod with firmware capable of executing it. They only do Ti or Ni but there seems to be strong support for the flavor (or lack thereof) of SS in VW mode so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

Picked the 26awg and the price was so cheap, I added a spool of 22awg while I was there. The 22awg is only ~20ft but at $6.99 it’s still a decent deal. I cut off about 6" for a single wrap so that’s 12" for a dual-coil. That means I can get about 20 builds from 20ft, works out to about $0.35 per rebuild :sunglasses:

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That link says $6.99 for me. How did you get $5.24?

I ordered it last night when they had it listed as a “Flash Sale” and it showed “9 left in stock”. My order dropped it to 8 and when I checked on it after noon today they were all gone :frowning:. Somebody just got to them first, sorry.

Even at $6.99, I haven’t seen cheaper. Using 6" per coil and putting 2 coils in a build equals 60 builds for $7. That’s about $0.11 per rebuild. Not to shabby.

I agree. It’s still a really good price. Thanks for sharing.

It’s over here for $4.45. Is this the same wire?

26G (316L) Stainless Steel - (Round) Wire-Wrapping Wire by Beadalon $4.45

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Yup, same wire and even cheaper :+1:

I sell it cheaper than that. $7/100 ft. Plus, the more you buy the cheaper it gets. Sell by the foot or pound. I currently have 26, 24, 22 & 20 gauge in stock. Hoping to have smaller gauges soon.

Have you got a link for your ss wire plz


Thanks for the link

I buy almost all of my wire from Oship on ebay, and get a bag of cotton…
It is always cheaper than anywhere I know of, and he even has competitive pricing on his own store.



@ozo thanks for the link I will defiantly purchase next order here. Is it always free shipping?

Yes, free shipping for the last couple years I have bought from him…pretty fast ,too.

Shop his store…some wire is the same price without the cotton…gotta make up for the free shipping, eh?

Why not get 20pcs of organic cotton with it? [even if you have 20yrs worth of rayon…you can always vape it forward]