6am Coffee Vapz

Good morning my friends and fellow esteemed vapor sous chefs.

Its 6 am here, cold… 4 degrees C. Thats almost frozen water to you muricans.

The boys at work put an order in for a vape request. TIGER TAIL ice cream. hmmm. Easy enough I suppose. I’m thinking Some orange cream… manderine - black licorice. To start. See what that gets me. Then work on balancing everything.

I think I will go out for bacon and eggs this morning.

For now, all is quiet way up here in the middle of a 20,000 hectare boreal forest. The water is on for coffee #2 and This AM vapin some Bombies’ Nana-Cream. Its good too. Simple.

I havent had a smoke in so long. I feel good, healthier. Stronger. More endurance. Smoking cigs really held my life down. So happy to be free again.

Anyway - its Friday. I gots the day off. :smiley:

I think I just may ave a beer today BEFORE noon. :wink:

Have good one folks.


You’re doing it right.


Good for you!!! :sunglasses:Hang tough! When you find that juice you can’t live without or wake up thinking about… that’s one of the special parts about vaping; keeps you off the stinkies.

However, if you do ever feel like you wanna have that soul satisfying tobacco flavor come outta that mouthpiece, waft around your face, tantilize your tastebuds, and take you back to the days you were crazy enough to actually enjoy the combustion factor of inhaling burning leaves… try N.E.T. It’s all the good parts, with only a fraction of naughty, of your real tobacco days. :sunglasses:


That was beautiful, thank you for sharing your moment.

It was a balmy 44 degrees here after it was 80 degrees and wonderful two days ago. Feels like a huge setback to pull the old reaper of death wool coats coming out again, but summer is coming!


good morning , what a great picture you painted i imagined it every step of the way minus the beer lol ( non drinker ) is the only reason why