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9% Saline soulution how much to use and when?


I just made some 9% saline and have no idea when to use it or how much to use any advise would be great. is it like .5 % or 1% more … less ? With what bakery. fruits etc.


I use .5% to add a little perk to flavors up to 1% to help add some moisture. It can degrade your coils a lot faster though.


Is that all mixes only certain profiles?


I cant vape peanut butter tpa w/o it, takes the dry chalkyness out


I’ve used it in everything but now mostly only use it in minty or menthol mixes because of what it does to my coils. Fruits can be perked up and moistened with Pyure and/or Cactus. I don’t vape a lot of bakery but those flavors too have other additives that work just as well without killing the coils. Over all I’d say try it in everything to see what works for you. I’m still using premade coils though so I’m trying to be frugal.


How did you make your 9% saline?
EDIT: Never mind I see the other thread now…


I use sea salt and distilled water but non iodized salt works

silly goose didnt mean to say saline in that recipe :rofl:


I used sea salt and the water from my 10 stage filtration system it has super low TDS
(Total Dissolved Solids ( because we don’t know how old our distilled water is ) next batch I will buy some new distilled and use that next time.


am no expert just be concerned about chemicals the township adds to make it “appealing”. What is safe for consumption may be harmful vaped.


I just saw this isn’t that a little much?


Great question


one of the dofus posted in the DB? it wont hurt but it is high. I have heard of people adding 1% to every single mix to help w/ dry sinuses.


Everyone has different experiences but if I had to guess, I’d think this person is vaping rust within a few hours. I double checked the data base and found this.

@worm1 is right that it’s a database issue. What I did to make sure I was using the right designation for my saline is, enter saline in the flavor list search, then click the recipe column to find the one used in the most recipes. That’s usually the proper name and all the others are duplicates.


I might go with 1/2 % the first time and see what that does
Thanks Worm!


not to pick on zero again but here’s an example, and i wont mix it before i made some saline since last time i used PB tpa i hated the whole mix cause of the dry/chalky pb


That looks good I have all the flavors I’m going to mix this up later


That is .09% so no I don’t think so i generally use around .25 -.5% of .9%


ohh, just noticed that, lol, then i do, hehe


They sell the 0.9% saline bullets on amazon. I’ll see if I can find a link. We used these in the hospital. They are a sterile solution for the lungs.
Amazon.com: Teleflex Addipak Unit Dose Solutions, 100 Count, 5 ml: Health & Personal Care https://www.amazon.com/Teleflex-Addipak-Unit-Solutions-Count/dp/B01DZ0DYOA


@Jazzy_girl That’s exactly what I use.