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A Beginner's Guide To Making The Most Highly-Rated Recipes


Holy moly, what a great write up! Thanks for doing this as I’m sure it will help a lot of new (and some not so new) mixers. Your time and effort are, and will be, greatly appreciated!


I love Joy (FA) but I know several like yourself that don’t.It helps me by bringing the slight spice notes out as well as help make a powdered sugar effect when needed.
I have read several users notes that it only gives them a weird sweet taste.


excellent! this is a great compilation of information for new mixers :smile:


this is great. thank u so much!! ur an absolute legend, will be so helpful to me and many others!! :grinning::innocent:


@daath @Scottes777 This looks like it would be suitable as an article on the new homepage when it comes about eh? :wink:

“ELR Regular Mixers Guides” and what not


Well I’m glad to see that so many people think this is useful! Thanks for the kind words of appreciation.

As a note, I stumbled up a post from daath describing a hidden feature that is particularly useful for this thread. So I added a section that lists some links that will show the top-rated recipes which contain 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 flavors.


Whoa, totally awesome @Scottes777 ! Thanks for this!! I have wanted to do this for a while to see what flavors I could add to my stash in order to find a bunch more recipes to make, but never got around to it. This is extremely helpful and I wish I would have had something similar to look at when I first started buying flavors!


Great and with the new additions getting better! This should be stickied… no wait… NAILED UP in a prominent place for all to see.

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Very helpful already got a few but will be taking a real close look when I’m placing my next order.

Thank you very much


Amazing job @Scottes777. I know how long and time consuming that had to be. And very much needed, helps answer he always asked what should I order to start. This will be an amazing tool for new mixers. Thanks again so much!

Now when people ask, we can link them to your guide :slight_smile:


Well done guide. Appreciate your time and work on this as a resource for new mixers.


You deserve a research award for that. I’m impressed.


LOL thanks.

But wait until you see my next research post… I’m analyzing the heck out of the top 100 recipes. Hopefully I’ll be done this week - but every time I analyze enough to get some info it just leads to another question…


This is by far, the most useful thing I have ever seen on the internet! Thanks for all your hard work.


Scottes777 this is gold for noobs!!!
I started mixing a few months back and after wasting a few bucks here and there, I too went on an analytical mode of what ELR had to offer.
But this, this is just mighty useful !
Thanks for sharing it with the world.


The thing I like the most about this post is when a new person asks a question I can say: “Read this whole post and call us in two weeks”. (lol)


I can easily say that I know you would never do such a thing!


My doctor does and there are days when I really would like to do it :slight_smile:


You are my hero.