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A Beginner's Guide To Making The Most Highly-Rated Recipes


Welcome to the community CK!
I hope your ride (and learning experience) is more pleasant from here forward!


Thank you so much for this. My first flavors haven’t arrived yet and I don’t even remember what I ordered exactly. I really must get a note book that keeps track of these things. ty :wink:


Gee thanks.I will have to buy a few flavors to get the 18 you suggest,Damm a hate buying flavors i already have over 100 :scream:.
Do you realize how many I an going to really love and have to keep in rotation for steeping hell i may have to get a bigger cabinet…Not to mention all the money i will be saving.
I just wanted to post to let you know all the trouble and heart ache you will have caused…
Thanks a ton and keep up the great work…I know a few beginner mixers that this will get them in as much trouble. Keep um coming…:heart_eyes::tired_face:


Absolutely brilliant, great work. Thank you.


Worse, with a flavour that you will likely never use again in any other receipe



I just updated the “Other Simple Recipes” section, which was not displaying properly - especially for non-members. I had inadvertently used a “What Can I Make Link?” so it was only showing the top recipes that a member could make as defined by their Flavor Stash. It now shows ALL of the top recipes in each category.


Purrfect - thank you for all your hard work compiling this great starting point


and then create a ejuice flavor bible , like the original flavor bible but with the concentrates we all use , this i would pay for all though it would take alot of time and input from others it would be a great thing to have


That’d be an awesome idea, if they could format it to a PDF type, but something I think has been mentioned would be to filter out all the flavor bases. Typing errors will produce several incarnations of Strawberry (TFA) from tfa strawberry and etc. Excellent idea though


This is an unbelievably useful thing to have. I’ll be using this to decide what to buy from now on. Thank you so much for your time and effort.


For a new member, and a brand new convert to DIY, this is veritable gold. Thank you so much for taking the time to put this resource together.
I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in.


Thank you so much for taking the time to post this. I’m a beginner who is somewhat lost but I plan on succeeding and your post here helps me out so much.


We are here for when you have questions that you cant find answers for.

Dont worry about feeling lost, it happens in the beginning as there are so many options. Ive been mixing for a few years and i sometimes find myself feeling the same way.

Welcome and happy mixing to you!


I’ve mixed a few of these recipes and have them steeping at the minute. I just have one question regarding them. I’ve mixed at 50/50 because I don’t really want big clouds, just flavour for me. Will this make much of a difference to something that’s originally 80vg/20pg, max vg etc… Love this site by the way, everyone is so damn helpful lol.


I like to mix at 40 PG and 60 Vg


I can easily notice the difference between 40% PG / 60% VG and a mix of the same recipe at 55% PG / 45% VG. The 15% drop of VG makes a difference.


Thanks for the replies, I really appreciate it. I think I’ll just stick to the original ratios from now on.


I always mix up the first test in 50/50 of the same reasons, and rather tweak the flavors if I find it off. Often it still works, but then again I like the flavors to be strong.


It will all depend on how much flavour you like yourself …you may just find that making an 80/20 into a 50/50 is actually perfect for you. I’m an 80 vg + kind of gal (pg irritates me too high) so can’t really offer much advice - other than keep experimenting and you will get there in the end :+1:


I like strong flavour but my reason for less vg is more to do with not having to need a miners helmet to see through the fog in the living room. But yeah, I’ll test out what I have and take it from there :slight_smile: