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A Beginner's Guide To Making The Most Highly-Rated Recipes


I wish I had found this post, indeed, this site before I had placed my first order! :slight_smile: Great information & I’m sure the other links will be just as informative & helpful! Thanks a heap! :smile:


Just feeling grateful to be here. Registered yesterday and found this post and other awesome tutorial. Hope will try some recipes in few days…Thank you for this great work mate…

New seasoned vaper needs some guidance

Welcome to ELR, hope you will enjoy it here and all the good people. :thumbsup:


From a newbie myself. That is a question I had too. I hope to learn how much of a difference it makes on the ratio of PG vs VG. Thank you.


Great job and well thought out, I could not think of a better way to introduce your topic.


I just signed up to this site but have been using for about 3 months. I thought it was just a calculator but I then find out you have thousands of recipes :scream: I cannot wait to get mixing now.

I do have one question though. Is there a way to search recipes with what flavours I have at home?


There sure is. Take a look at The Guide

Read up until 2.2, so you understand the Flavor Stash, and 2.2 will explain how to search using your Flavor Stash and the “What Can I Make” feature.


Oh, and don’t forget, you need to save up for your flavors… You can’t be cheap about it like me. I even have a wholesale account at Capela’s and they still rape me on the shipping. It’s 13 bucks for them to ship you a 13ml bottle of flavor… that’s jacked up, especially when you buy 4 4oz bottles and a half dozen 13ml bottles and the shipping is STILL 13 bucks. Robbery.


LOL well its a lot more for me to get shipped to the uk hahahha


not for noobs, i think here is too many info to do anyting usually but that a pity for me. the great parfumer diying in me :blush:


Hi and welcome to the forum, @mr.Willy :wave: I guess one will always feel like a noob considering the amount of info to process, but one can also choose to do it the more easy way. It’s fun either way, me thinks. :blush: Blending perfume is almost the same, isn’t it? Guessing you can use a lot of those skills here.

And don’t be afraid to ask if you have any questions, there’s a lot of helpful and beautiful souls in here.


I was curious, In my flavor stash it looks like I should be able to pick two or three of my flavors and be able to see any recipes with those three flavors in it. I cannot seem to make it work OR it is not meant to work that way?


When you hit the “Search by flavor stash” tab and check the flavors you want in a mix, you’ll get receipes which containes those two or three flavors in addition to others. That way you can look for strawberry receipes only tex, or just banana - or both strawberry and banana, and get some inspiration to other flavors also.

If you can not seem to get any hits with your stash, try add similar flavors from other vendors than you have, like if you have Vanilla Bean Ice Cream TPA add Vanilla Bean Ice Cream CAP also. That will give you more hits.


Yes but if I just check blueberry for example and hit the what can I make…The majority of recipes don’t even have any blueberry in them??


My Bad. I kept hitting the what can I make button instead of scrolling down to see the recpies.
Thanks for your help…lol


Just to make sure you know, “What Can I Make” will show you recipes that contain any and only flavors you have in your stash. When you “search by stash” you will get recipes that contain the flavors that you check off, but may (and likely will) contain other flavors you don’t have.


Got it . Thank you


@Scottes777 I`d just like to add my congratulations for an excellent post, much appreciated.


Just want to say this article is amazing. Thanks for the help. I just really need to find some good coffee mixes and tobacco mixes.


Wow! What a wonderful article! Thank you so much for sharing such useful info. As a newbie I really will make a great use of your article.