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Or even excellent lol.


Lol, I’m just curious to know how young you believe me to be? I mean I will take it but I will say I am older than 40 and leave it at that :wink:


I wouldn’t say the word “much” if’n I was you… lol


I figured that would draw you out of the woodwork.
I hope all is well, storms and all lately.
You still gonna move North…and leave the finest flounder fishing in FL behind ? [Anna Maria City Pier]


Haha, mission accomplished :wink: I will say I look half my age, but thanks to my career choice I feel twice it lol.

I was going to move last month and I had a lot of good things going for me, but I got f***ed by the company I was working for, so now I am stuck in Sarasota for another brutal season.

So as much as I would like to say things are good, I lost a lot of things from putting my trust in others… story of my life :wink:

I need to get up to Anna Maria soon!



here is a link given to me by pascal piot from lediypourlesnuls regarding the pg /vg and flavor ratios some will saybno change is needed some say different here is the calculator @CosmicTruth this should help


I think what it says is +/- 0.5% of TF (total flavor) Per each change in ratio of 10% of the PG/VG ratio? and TF increases as the VG increases.

This is what I found too going from 60/40 to 40/60 I adjusted my TF by 1%

but the way I think of it is 15% to 16% is just a 1% change, 16-15=1


That is one way of thinking about it, mine is another, which is why I explained and removed all ambiguity about the numbers I used.

To explain, 7% of 15 is (approximately) 1. Or 15 x 107% is 16.

As I said above, Everyone is different.


keep in mind alot of people dont think the percentage needs to be adjusted to keep the same taste, and to be honest i havent tried to see if their is a difference in taste anything i make of my own is 70 v 30 p but here is my belief pg is a better flavor carrier so if you are 70/30 and flave pct is 20 that extra pg helps increase the flavor , anyway its the best way i cld explain it typing anyway


I noticed, not so much a flavor % but when trying to clone a certain retail menthol flavor. I’ve gotten really close, close enough that it hits all my sweet spots for what I wanted. The thing is, it’s sweeter and smoother than what I was trying to clone. Now that think of it, the flavor I was buying is 50/50 and my mix is 65/35. Maybe the flavor % are different too but it’s really so close now and I actually like it better than the original, lol. Maybe if I mixed a 50/50 batch it would be spot on?


Sweeter and smoother could easily be the effects of VG. Give a 50/50 batch a try.


I might try a 10mil just out of curiosity but I like my version better now. Is that conceited or a common side effect of trying to DIY clone stuff?


Personally, it’s a common side effect.

I’ve recently learned that the one I’ve been trying to clone for the last few months actually turned out better than the retail offering. (Either that, or they’ve monkeyed with their recipe since I last bought it. lol)

Either way, I’m happy with the results as well as the experience gained as my journey has progressed! =)


I think it’s common for DIY. Since people who DIY have the ability to tweak the flavors to their own tastes, they frequently do so. I rarely make the a recipe exactly the same twice, since I will often reduce one flavor a tiny amount and/or increase another, adjusting something based on my tasting notes. And then, once I’ve perfected it, I find that differences in aging time can make a difference, too. And changing the PG/VG ratio. Or changing to a different tank. With DIY, many adjustments can be made, so they often are made.


i’m still confuse bout mixing pg+flavour
i want to create simple liquid on 20ml 40/60 PG/VG
please tell me how % one by one on this table :

strawberry (redbell),
caramel (k. h. robert),

and how to mix’it,… please tel me step by step,… tx before


You probably should take a look at this thread:

In particular, the 2nd link: “Intro to DIY Video”


ok ic tx sir,


Here is another handy URL you need to use… http://e-liquid-recipes.com/create


Now what about magnetic stirrers w/ hot plate what tem is usually best


Searching for “magnetic stirrers” brings up many threads devoted to that subject.