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A Beginner's Guide To Making The Most Highly-Rated Recipes


#LifeGoals2017 I will get working on the laugh!!!


I found it liberating to order about 50 flavor samples of 8ml each. Then i smelled them all, put tiny drops into water and diluted them so i just got the hint of the flavor by swishing the diluted mix in my mouth. That helped me decide what would taste good together in a juice


I ordered a bunch of bottles. 3ml(but they hold 5ml), 30ml and 60ml. Ive got some 10ml on the way. The bigger ones are for my personal use and the tiny ones are for flavor sample sharing with my friends. The medium ones are for sharing larger amounts or barter/ trade purposes.


Such a great post to guide and start DIY. For a beginner finding recipes amount so many options is not easy. Started vape 5 months ago and DIY 2 months ago. To enjoy a homemade juice using coils made by yourself from scratch is a great experience. At 41yrs old this is my new hobby. Learning everyday. Thanks for your time and effort!


Guess what I’ll be doing for the next two days!!

Baby’s first flavor shipment!


Have fun, good luck, and enjoy! You have some great flavors in there from what I can see.


This is great ! Thank You


Great write up @Scottes777 you helped me get started with DIY!

Thanks a ton


Literally started making my diys in the last few days quite daunting until I stumbled along this.
Quite possibly the greatest read for anybody even remotely interested in making your own.
Including the comments all pure gold.
Many thanks


Thanks for this, absolute legend!


Today I made 10 of these recipes including a big batch of Bombies Nana Cream http://tjek.nu/r/mNr that I have done before. Wish me luck. :rofl::dash: Also, waiting for vanilla bean ice cream and cheesecake graham in transit cause there are a couple of recipes that look delicious. @fizzmustard @spectrometer :wink:


Awesome flavors.


WOW is a great work up for anyone. I only wish I had had a copy of that when I started making my own eJuice. I will be trying many of them over the next month or two and will rate them when I do.


I’m steeping mine too. So let’s chat in a couple of months. :+1:


I’m very sorry to ask such a dumb question, but is their a link to the “most highly-rated recipes?”

Thank you!




Thank you @VapeyMama!!!


Most valuable post ever for beginners


Same here in fact I usually go max VG as the VG is sweet on its own. I find PG is harsh, some like the throat hit I’m not one. It may require a longer steep but that is subjective. The cloud can be controlled by your setup & power. This is why DIY is so cool everyone can find their sweet spot :slight_smile:


As a DIY type person I have taken to blending eJuice like a fish to water. Having worked as a Chef for a family of 8 for 15+ years helps too. I wish I had had this information when I decided to give mixing a go. This a great guide for anyone not just the newbie. I have added a direct link in my most often used bookmark folder. When I am looking for something new to blend you can bet this will be where I look first. In fact I plan to use it today as I have seen several I want to try. My goal this month is to mix 30 different eJuices with only 6 being my everyday Vapes. At this time I am well on my way with 19 bottles steeping and 5 Shake and Vapes.

Vape On!