A Beginner's Question About One-shots

After I mix a one-shot & let it steep, does a juice made from it need to steep anyway?
I would be grateful for tips on the matter.


Yes. You still need to let the final mix rest.
Some argue less time that if you did not premix the flavours. Who knows.
Don’t forget to vigorously shake.

I find that mixing in the order:
Flavours, nic, pg then swirl mix
then add vg
Then seal and shake
is optimal in terms of homogenisation without too much volatiles escaping

You’ll see, eventually, steep/rest time will be less of a problem than fading with the stock you’ll have on the side.


Yes, it needs time to steep with your VG/PG :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip, but in this case, what is the advantage of making one-shots vs straight mixing a juice?


It make it easier to mix the same recipe. If youa have to mix the same recipe by mixing it with the flavours, it might take sometime to prepare the flavours, counting the drips/the weight, etc.

By mixing with oneshot, you only need to mix from the one bottle and counting the drips/the weight of it only, before adding pg, vg and nic. Less things to clean too.