A better butter?

I’ve never used a stand alone butter flavor before. Sure, I’ve done a ton of custards, cupcakes, toffees ect. that have buttery notes. But I mean, actually using a butter flavor. OK, what I’m looking for is an american type salted butter. I read that TPA is like that yellow stuff that they put on movie theater popcorn and that CAP is like Irish,English butter. I need to accent dessert/pastry notes with an “ah, I taste a little butter” thing, but with a tad bit of that salty aftertaste. It needs to mix with sweet. TIA

Perhaps FW Butter Cream will do the trick…

I’ll give it a go. I have an order up for this week so I’ll add it for the list.

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Maybe LA vanilla butternut but it doesn’t have the salt part. Maybe salted caramel FW

I’ve never used Lorann flavors, but it’s now on the list, thanks for the suggestion!

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I’ve got MFS butter and it gives a nice finish to my bakery flavors, which are my favorites. I know the kind of butter flavor you are talking about @Oldmeat123, the kind you mix up in your homemade goodies. Give it a try if you are still looking for alternatives.

Look at cathouse vapor as they will sell you a much larger quantity than actual LA or pretty much anywhere and for a heck of a good deal as well ! And your welcome :blush:

I buy my LA directly from their site. 30ml sizes are reasonably priced. You can get the 4oz too.

LorAnn Flavors- COLOR CODED Complete Ingredients List
LA Flavor Warning Spreadsheet


I was referring to ECX I believe atm but it is good to know you can get a larger sz at LA thanks New drip !

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Hey you know I was just thinking about your request for a salted butter. Well I have Wilton’s butter I put it in a batch a little higher % than I would normally and will let you know if it has any chance of becoming that type of flavor your after. It is the brand sold at Walmart in the cupcake isle.