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Outstanding, and scary. The first 25 minutes are old cigarette ads and deserve some FF, and then there are some long forced commercial breaks. But well worth watching. After I got started I couldn’t stop.

The proponent spokespersons are literate and effectual and make a very good case. Unfortunately, the sum total seems to say we’re screwed. The enemy is too big, too rich, and too well entrenched. We need to start some threads about how to find and employ the black market. I doubt the black market for ecigs will be as easy to find as speakeasys were during prohibition.


I’ll have to go through a VPN not available in EU.

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Considering this is now 4 years old and Aaron isn’t a vaper or smoker, I think it did a pretty good job of illustrating what we’re up against. Some things have gotten better than they were back then, mainly the EU restrictions were not as severe as they were threatening back then. I wished it had more documentation of the money trail and focused more on laying out the science proving how much safer vaping is. On a more nostalgic note it was bitter sweet to see a few artistic shots of the vape shop that got me set up and the owner who helped me so much. :heart:


It says they’ll be relaunching at some point in the future.
I’m sure the documentary is floating around on the web somewhere else.

Maybe that comes later? His next documentary is called You Don’t Know Nicotine, obviously focussing on the nicotine aspect.

Maybe he has more projects in mind.
I think the money trail is so complicated that it needs a separate documentary.

It could be a trilogy :grin:


I’m curious, and confused, about what is happening in countries where strict bans are in place. How effective are they? Have black markets emerged, and how easy or difficult are they to find and use? Is DIY impacted much? Would like to hear from people living in banned areas, how are you coping?


Spot on documentary. No holes barred.


I wish he would have put it up for free viewing two years ago. At least then there would have been a better chance that Joe Public would have half a clue of the lies and misinformation running rampant.

While I love the content, and the facts that have been presented… I can’t help but question why this wasn’t released en masse as a true public service? Slightly kind of pissed about that factor actually.

Kind of feels like: too late to have any meaningful effect now.


He financed the whole thing himself, he deserved to make some money back. It was only 4.99 for one month of unlimited viewing or 12.99 to buy the DVD. In an interview he did a few months after it released he said he was losing so much from piracy that he wasn’t sure he’d ever break even. :frowning:

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I get it, but it was missing the whole point. It’s like preaching to the choir. Everybody who’s for vaping will watch it, the rest won’t bother. In other words, it’s missing the targeted audience completely and a big waste of time and effort.
It just reminds me of that video from rip trippers recently… the whole industry should’ve backed him financially and it should’ve been made available for free on every possible platform.
So far, everything that’s happening is every individual is thinking about how much they can cash in as fast as possible and not thinking about the long run.

That’s really not true. It debuted to general audiences, was shown to Governments, various policy makers world wide. Go to the FB page and read all about the whole journey.

This is specifically what he didn’t want. He wanted to self fund to avoid any accusation that he had a financial stake in selling one side of the issue.

Arron owes us nothing. He’s a film maker, not a smoker or a vaper. He made this movie to expose the corruption involved. Knowing that he’s lost money on this and yet he’s still making a second movie about nicotine kind of negates the idea that he’s only trying to cash in or not thinking long term.


All fair points, but none of them made it any easier to reach the bigger public.