A/C help, any hvac people here?

Any hvac workers on here? I moved into a house that has been empty for almost 3 years, and it just started getting hot here so I went out to make sure the a/c was clear of sticks and stuff growing around it, and see this crap.

So I know it will need replaced, my question is will it be safe to run it for now till we can get a new one? It looks bad to me so I haven’t turned it on yet. Thanks in advance for any help!


@Fishaddict420 I’m no HVAC Tech but I’m a DIYDude. They make an AC coil cleaner (Home Depot). I think you should be able to test the AC to see if it’s even working before cleaning as it wouldn’t be smart to clean a busted AC. You likely had(have!) a critter living in there (pee).

Flip off the circuit breaker. You likely have 2 panels, so check for one outside closest to street (higher voltage Main box). Remove the screws that hold on the sheet metal of your AC unit for access …maybe the top or the side. Remove the “nest” and hose out (while wearing some gloves). Be careful with any choice of cleaning liquids as you don’t want to affect the aluminum coils (no acids). A brisk hosing might do the trick!

Take a wet/dry shop vac and apply suction to your drain hose and repeat after operating it for a few days/week. It’s shocking what comes out of there! You can also clean the coils inside the air handler in your house (where all that fan noise is coming from inside and the replaceable air filter lives usually). You can find some YT vids on that.

I think you’ll be OK. Mikey and Minnie have just been making babies in there for a couple years :smirk:

Best of luck! …and take it easy on those soft metal fins ( even with your hose pressure) as that crystalline white powder may be uric acid (corrosive!)


the fins actually look corroded in the fist pic where her had is…you can also see some deformed fins that look corroded…a hose may cause more damage right now…do the fins look corroded to you…if you touch them do they sort of fall apart…wear gloves when u touch them…I know if mice take up home in a lawn tractor over the winter an they urinated on the aluminum it will start to pit…

if the cooling fins are corroded it will need to be replaced…i think you be able to just have that cooling coil replaced but not sure…as long as compressor is good


It is definitely corroded, touching the area around the hole the fins turn to dust


Step number 2 …wash your hands with hot soapy water for 30 minutes :rofl:


you need to remove the top cover or have some do it to access the damage inside…it may be good or may be a total loss…also know that there may be a critter in there…mostly mice…but you want it fixed before the real hot season…dont do any thing with out a dust mask on or rubber gloves…


BEST advice as you won’t be able to get a Tech come June.

and second best advice as rodents can carry serious diseases.


Also since its not been used in awhile…you could of had mold or algea growth on it…witch will hold water an start a corrision process…it looks sorta greenish near the bottom…but let a pro make that call…


Been doing hvac service for 18 years. Just from going off the pics you shared, the system may turn on but will definitely go off on high head pressure do to the coil being so clogged. I wouldn’t recommend you trying to clean that coil yourself. I would have a tech do that. If its corroded, then I wouldn’t even bother have a tech do it. Get in touch with a company as soon as you can and get that thing replaced. Things are starting to ramp up for summer so time is of the essence.


Thank you everyone for the help! I really appreciate it, this forum is so Amazing. I’m going to get someone out to look at it, so @woftam you can go ahead and close this thread. Thanks again for all the help!!!