A Cosmic Salute to RabidWeasel and his Hempwick!

RabidWeasel has a fine thread on his use of hempwick, the “Hemp Wicking Tutorial”. Having been interested in hemp wick in the past, I learned alot from his thread. I tried a sample of the same hemp wick he uses today. I am very impressed, I have to say…I mean really, really impressed! It comes in a long rope, the fibers are very long and straight, and they are almost silky feeling. The fibers separate really easily from the rope, unlike some cottons. Threading the fibers through a coil only requires slight moistening of one end. Then once its in the coil, moistening it with e liquid makes it pretty easy to work with. As for any off taste, I really haven’t noticed any off taste at all with this stuff. One of the brands I had tried in the past had a definate woody taste at first, which did go away after a little while. I celebrated the arrival of my DejaVu RDTA by using the hempwick…I didn’t have any trouble with the wick going down the wick holes or with dry hits on this rdta. I know that hemp wick takes a while to soften up, and so I didn’t use high vg juice on it, but rather a nice RY4 at 60/40. I did this for the initial few tanks but I think I could move to higher vg if I wanted to and have it wick just fine. I initially let the fibers sit with e liquid on it about a 1/2 hour before I started vaping and had no trouble with it…and where Rabidweasel says that the wick lasts longer and takes more heat…I can see where it would. Time will tell and I’ll report back later.
But one thing I will say, is that I had tried a couple of brands of hemp wick in the past. Both came very wadded up and the fibers all tangled up. Separating them into straight strands enough for the coil was a real P.I.A,. One had a definate woody flavor, one did not, but they both lasted a long long time in my rda’s, much longer than cotton ever did. However, the sample I got from RabidWeasel, which came from HempTraders…is a MUCH superior hemp wicking material than the others I’d tried. The link is here http://www.hemptraders.com/product-p/f-sl1.htm RabidWeasel kindly sent me a large sample, good for a long time, but I didn’t want to finish that sample up in a year or two or three, go to order more and find out that hemptraders was possibly out of business. Could happen, I dunno. So I ordered the 2 kg, and now I’ll be set for a lifetime of happy hempwick vaping! Definately nice to have an excellent wicking alternative, and for me, I definately prefer this to cotton bacon or the other cottons I’ve tried. Big Big Thanks to RabidWeasel!!!


He does certainly deserve praise for his generosity and the product is well worth it. I did initially notice the woody flavor but since i was aware ahead of time, i used a ry4d custard mix at first and it quickly goes away. After i boiled some, i let it soak in vg and wicked it wet. This does make a messy wicking job but at least u know how wide it will be after it gets saturated.


Just a quick, YER AWESOME TRW!

He sent me some as well. Now that the house is entirely disinfected from my cold ill give it a try.

Ive gotten to the point that i rewick every couple days, just as soon as the coils start to darken. This is one of the main reasons that i didnt try the original sample TRW sent. I know, im an ass. My coils are usually past the point i like them before the cotton needs to be replaced.