A couple ideas

Recipe version control
Not sure what exactly would be the best way to implement this, but I’d love to have version control for recipes. What I mean is that instead of creating duplicate recipes (“Milky berry thing v1”, “Milky berry thing v2”, etc) a single recipe would save previous revisions and any comments. It would reduce clutter on each user’s page and in the flavor listings. Maybe archiving or hiding old/bad recipes should also be an option, there’s a lot of stuff I’d like to get off my personal lists but not necessarily delete altogether.

Recipe rankings
If each recipe would have it’s own “golbal” ranking visible in the listings, it would help figuring out what to try from the “what can I make” and “search by flavor” functions. The ratings should also IMO show who cast the vote, this would probably reduce abusing them. One interesting detail might also be how many times a recipe has been adapted by other users.

Shopping list
How bout teaming up with a couple vendors to enable purchases through the missing ingredient shopping list.


Thank you for your feedback! :smile:

  1. Yes! Recipe version is already on my list :smile:

  2. Not sure what you mean by ranking - you mean a number? E.g. “Recipe is ranked #233”? If so, I will think on it…

  3. I’ve also thought about that. I’ve even talked briefly with ECX about this - it requires quite a bit of work, but perhaps it can be done, in the future! It would be a cool thing, to do one click, and all your items are in the shopping basket :smiley: Again, it would require quite a lot of work, both on ELR and on each of the vendor’s pages…


I think the vendor idea would be a GREAT idea!! Plus maybe there is a chance for you @daath to get a kick back or something to help support your site? Idk…jus sayin


@daath have you ever given thought to categorizing the recipe section? Like the traditional tobaccos, fruits, desserts, etc…
Maybe it would help the ease of browsing and allow people to have their recipes viewed/commented on more often, instead of just 1 mad list?
Sorry if this topic has been discussed already Im just curious…I can also see this causing issues the other way, where people post in the wrong category and it’s up to you to sort that out though…

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Yes, I have - I think it’s a good idea - it will probably show up, at some point :smile:


Cool … That is one that I would also love to see!


OK another crazy idea @daath. As you are well aware of, those of us that have lots of pages of recipes have a hard time finding them after the first page. The sort options and the search can be helpful however if it is a recipe you adapted, can’t remember much about it, or maybe you just can’t remember the name of your own recipe period. What if we had say a main folder and 9 customizable folders (custom names). Names would be customized in the users preferences. Of course there would need to be links on the page to each named folder. Displaying the folder would be nothing more than a sort, for instance use a variable already in existence that signifies the recipe like"http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/200169/O%27+Black+Berry" in this case 200169 and add to it a “.00 for main menu, .01 menu #1, .02 for menu #2, etc”. Then you just do a sort by those variables per the folder the person is in. The Variable will be added as the user moves items into the folder. A very rough thought here but I think you can get a idea what i’m thinking. Think that sounds like a good idea, and of course, also feasible?

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I already have folders planned :smile: And you’ll be able to have as many folders as you want :smile:


Fantastic !!! Should have known, you sure try to keep on top of it…

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Something like this?


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