A couple things to sell off (cheap)

  1. Og 22mm Griffin, original packaging and spares minus extra glass. (cover shipping $3)

  2. 1:1 Complyfe battle deck Rda. I used it once. ($5)


  1. 1:1 Anubis parallel box. Never used. Comes with soft pouch with belt clip. (Best offer)

PayPal only please.

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I am assuming the Anubis is a clone?

Yea 1:1 I’d be a fool to sell authentic lol

I interested. Why have you not used it?

Do you know who cloned it?
Where did you purchase it?

Do i just put money in your paypal account?? Can i do it with my debit card safely? Is number 1 still avaible?

The Griffin is still up for grabs. I won’t see any of your banking information if that’s what you mean. You will have to sign up for PayPal first though. Yes you can pay with your card.

PayPal.me/Vashta is a quick link where you can send me the $

Laura, @VASHTA_NERADA is my hubby so it would be coming from the same address as I sent the Goliath V2 :wink:.



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Can a Moderator please close this thread as I’ve sold all the items. Thanks.

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