A few accidental merges with Capella "RF" (Reduced Flashpoint) flavors

This is not an excuse, nor justification for my mistake, merely my apology for my error. And acknowledgement of it.

Fortunately this only affected a few, but I’ll get a new entry keyed in for each of these, which will hopefully help folks identify (and help remind dupe fixers in the future) of the difference.

I ran a 12hr dupe session the other night, which was obviously far too long. This is something that should not have happened, and I sincerely apologize to any/all affected by my mistake.


Ok, this just kept eating at me until I HAD TO log in and check things…

On one hand, it appears that I “only” FUBAR’d Strawberry, Sweet RF Cap (and variations of it). Whether they were Real Flavors, RF, Capella, etc.

On the other hand, all the other “RF” Cap stuff was intact:

  • Cherry Cola (40)
  • Energy Drink (514)
  • Sweet Tangerine (105)

Though I did merge them into the format, with a identifier format of:

Cola, Cherry (Rdcd.Flshpnt) (Cap)

Energy Drink (Rdcd.Flshpnt) (Cap)

Strawberry, Sweet (Rdcd.Flshpnt) (Cap)

Tangerine, Sweet (Rdcd.Flshpnt) (Cap)

If you see or know of any others that I’ve missed, please LMK here (and feel free to tag me)!

Again, my apologies to those who’ve been affected, AND PLEASE spread the word to please NOT use RF or Real Flavors (which should be obvious…but that’s actually what kicked the whole damned thing off), so as not to cause any more confused confusions that might confuse anyone.

I may even change it to (Redu.Flash)…but I’m not sure on that. This is a relatively new can of worms, so any thoughtful input on the identifier/abbreviation will be considered.


I think, from a new user perspective, they see Capella’s “RF” but relate It to Real Flavors. I’ve caught quite a few Strawberries that were labeled as (Cap) (Real Flavors).


New hell!!!, I saw the (RF) with a Cap flavor and just assumed it was another mis-entry. Oh well I’ll go back to being clueless. LOL