A few idears I have for suggestions

I would like to be able to organize my flavor and recipes into sub-folders. As my recipe book and flavor stash grows I am finding it harder to keep track of everything. I thought of this yesterday when I got a bunch of new flavors in. And some of the strawberries I got were named things like 50/50 Strawberry Ice Cream bar. If I am looking for a strawberry in my stash I may forget it’s up there.

Also, a lot of the One on One flavors that I just got have the name formatting all wrong in the database. I think the labling should be 50/50 Strawberry Ice Cream Bar (OoO). Not 50/50 Strawberry Ice Cream Bar - 1o1. Most of the flavors are formatted “Flavor (ooo)” which just looks kinda silly :slight_smile:

Is there a way to set recipe defaults somewhere? I would like to be able to set a default nic level and be able to set the nic to default to 100% VG. I have missed this setting on a couple mixes and had to adjust the recipe.


@daath is working on sub-folders so you will have to be patient.

There is a place to set this. Choose one of your recipes that has the settings the way you want them as default. Click the Blue Wrench button and EDIT. Just above the SAVE button you will see two setting, one to make the recipe private and the other…And I Quote…

“Set these base values as default”

Check the box to set the values in that recipe as your defaults throughout…


Awesome! I never saw that :wink:

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Actually I should not have said change your defaults throughout. That makes it sound like it will change those setting in all your recipes. It will change to your defaults for any new recipes you add and I believe Adapt…

Awesome. Thanks. I did see that before. I was scared to check it lol.

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