A good RTA suggestion?

hello there people :slight_smile: well i would like to hear your suggestions for a good RTA for mass Vapor Production… if it’s deck can fit more than 2 coils even better while a big tank is a must… :slight_smile: thank you very much sirs/ladies :slight_smile:

well before posting… my already owned RTA/RDTA’s Are
a) Protank 4 (i own 2 of them… it’s my everyday vape… i love the RBA)
b)Cyclon RDA
c) Druid RDA
d) Royal Hunter Mini RDA
e) iJoy Limitless +
f) Sigelei Moonshot
g) Smok tfv8 Cloud Beast
h) Serpent RTA
i) Fumytech Windforce
j) Atlantis Mega
k) Ammit (single coil)

and some more that i can’t even remember since they’re in my closet for a couple of time… :stuck_out_tongue:

thank you very much in advance

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I’ve been really enjoying the Kylin RTA, it’s cheap, it doesn’t leak and it chucks… Plus it has a 6ml option


The Aromamizer Plus with RDTA bundle kit. Not sure what qualifies it as a RDTA. The coils are at the bottom on a postless deck. I consider it a RTA.

Dual coil and the space to make the coils as big as 6mm ID. The bundle kit comes with a 10ml option, a spare chimney and glass to make it a 20ml tank. A shorty chimney and glass to make it a 5ml tank. Easy to wick and does chuck clouds with the right set up.

It is 30mm wide so you need a pretty good size mod.


wow that thing lol!!!
i just checked it too… i am not sure also for the “RDTA” thing" but well imho RDTA thing is kinda more like a “marketing trick” since i have seen many RTA’s claiming that “D” letter without any (at least) forward qualification of what makes them RDTA… though it seems really interesting…
thank you :slight_smile:


Proper use of the Aromamizer Plus


A Woftam shop that was brilliant.


hahahahaha… i already own the Aspire Atlantis Mega (5ml capacity, 30mm diameter) it really owns… i think it’s probably one of the very best sub ohm clearomizers for flavor… while clouds are great too at the same time… :stuck_out_tongue: i would add it on the same category as the aromizer plus somehow… though there is no RBA for that :frowning:

@TheTinMan1 is spot on.

One of the best built tanks I have and very versatile I have 3 of them (2 in rotation) and I have to say one of my favourite tanks. i would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending - great flavour and clouds with the right build.


That thing looks sexy as hell on your WhiteRose mod. Damn nice.


thank you very much sir :slight_smile:
you made my interst for it even bigger :slight_smile: thank you :slight_smile:


I have to go with @TheTinMan1. I have 3 different versions, 5 in total running at any given time.


This. You can get the whole kit including all size glasses and chimneys for $50 with free shipping from Sub Tank Supply when it’s in stock.


i think cthulhu v3 is boss


I recently picked up a Vertex Plus from Horizon. The airflow on it is pretty insane so it’s been really good for vapor production, but flavor definitely isn’t its strong point. It holds 4ml and I ended up draining the tank in about 45 minutes during a chain vape/drinking session. Looks like it’s on the way out and several sites are clearing it out of their inventory. I got mine from Vapor Beast for $11, but VaporDNA has it for $9.99 right now. At that price, I’d think it might be worth checking out.

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technically speaking i really don’t see something really special on it…
it looks like an ammit… just bigger diameter

thing is tha the decks don’t really impress me on terms of using very thick wires like Fused clapton 24x2 + 32 for example… while the juice control seems kinda clumsy (with so small cotton holes… i can’t find a reason for it)…

probably i am wrong… but the whole design for some reason seems kinda clumsy… if you own it please give some more info please :slight_smile:

VIDEO of me 200w 100% VG (Real Flavors SC 2.5%) + organic vg + vg nic @ 3mg. chain hitting it @ 200w. no dry hit, infact it got wetter.

this is a simple 20g 6 wrap spaced dual coil 3.5mm build. i dont get into all that fancy shit. straight wire only.
this kicks the ass off any rda or rta i’ve seen or tried.

hands down.
btw dont ever push your cotton down into the juice channels (they are pretty huge) snip it across the top and rest it in a pyramid shape across the top of the channel. its a conspiracy.

its easy to accidentally close off the juice flow on the black model. SS not so bad.
airflow ring can sometimes pop over the catch and get stuck on black model.
i have absolutely thrashed this thing, finally stripped the internal centerpin for the dualcore deck,
the center pin is what holds the decks in.
so im reduced to chunky 3.5mm 20g single coil builds atm.

truth be told. (they market it as single coil flavor dual coil clouds) its not. dual coil wins both, hands down.
but speaking of down. thats your battery flashing.

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Thank you very much sir for the info :slight_smile: