A Hidden Gem Lucky Shot OSDIY

I think this flavor gets overlooked a lot. When I first started mixing Kimber gave me the mix for the best coffee recipe I ever tried and it was simply 10/10 Lucky Shot/Lotta Latte. To me, Lucky Shot, was the first one shot because it was a combination of Graham Cracker, Caramel, and Sweet cream. Using it at 8% with 3% custard (cap) and 2% sugar cookie is a delicious vape that is so simple it’s almost scary. Truth is you could vape it on its own at 10% and it’s really great too.

Use the Lucky shot, Custard, and Sugar cookie and toss your favorite fruits that go well with caramel in and you have an instant winner: Examples Fugi/Stark Apple – FA Banana (whichever one you like) – Peaches … you get the idea. Something easy to mix up if you’re in the mood one day.


Look great, ty!

Added to your shopping list


You’re welcome. Really a great flavor :slight_smile:


Returning the good deed. Just SF tasting this about 1 mL into it @ 3%. Picked it up cause of some DIYORDIE reveiw and after I saw Jojo’s notes also. I knew Id be happy with it.

Bahraini Apple Gold - Wera Garden (Inawera)

It’s like biting into a fresh delicate apple with the deep sweetness vibe of a Pear But not sweet tho, just that deep sweet like after feel you get from eating super ripe sweet pear. Almost can smell the apple seeds also, which is NOT a bad thing with this flavor. (adds to the effect of taking that bite) It’s cool also like a menthol was added (but just the perfect amount) and I can see how it’s described as floral with unending whispers of it. The spice note I can’t make out… (nothing definable) maybe like just a touch of a cider conglomerate of spiciness. (no single note is definable it’s blended into a unknown/nameless spice, also very slight) It’s very complex and most def a SF. Would boost any apple or pear to a whole new level. It’s a Hidden Gem for sure Got this small batch from Chefs rebottled.

Unfortunatly it’s INW. So that means I better buy a boat load more just in case they change it. :-1:


Lucky Shot from OSDIY should be in every mixers arsenal


So I just got a handful of osdiy flavors and this post is the closest thing to a flavor notes thread on here, figured I would see if you wanted to change the thread title and location of this one before I create a new thread, just let me know @authormichellehughes :slight_smile:


Resurrecting this great thread from @authormichellehughes

I have to agree. Recently went back to my itty bitty 10ml tester, and I’m actually getting RE-impressed with it, AND, decided to order a few more. …


I’m really glad you’re doing this. I was just thinking about flavors I have that I haven’t been using and Lucky Shot was one of them. I’ve only used it with Lotta Latte and I think it deserves more attention.


You’re welcome @muth. I reviewed a few of the OSDIY flavors a long time ago, but was thinking of re-testing. Insanely I’ve got a 16oz. bottle of Lucky Shot enroute.


I know this is a late reply but when I first made that recipe it was on an MTL device you could easily drop that 6/6% for sub ohm and have a great flavor


It’s NEVER too late, when we’re talking about OSDIY @authormichellehughes. I haven’t tried them MTL/Pod yet, but wow, talk about flavorful in a DTL.


I vaped it at 7% in a Kayfun and it was great. Of course a KF isn’t a pod but it’s MTL. I mixed a 30/70 blend.