A juice to rescue

Ok…dont laugh. I need to rescue a juice. Ive made quite a few up to now and made my first HUGE mistake.
Now I needed a juice to quickly “shake and vape” and was rushing before work

Cereal Killer by waphz seemed a good idea but i had to do a few tweaks to suit me ie 70vg/30pg and 3mg nicotine

Notice Nicotine at 0.63 ml ??

Please don’t laugh…

…dopey Bollocks here put 6ml…yes 6ML of nicotine in a 15ml juice :confounded: :grimacing:

So if i just take 0.6ml of this juice (which already has the vg/pg etc) and rescue it what added ratios of vg/pg/flavours should i do?

You have enough nic in that mix for 150ml batch of that mix.

10x nic = 10x of the rest of the items in that mix.

or work it off as 10% of that mix in your next 10 remake of that 15ml mix,

20% in 5x 30ml remakes.

50% in 2x 75ml remakes.

Just don’t add any nic to any of the remakes.


If you really like this mix then turning it into 150ml batch will fix it. If you do not then you should consider just scrapping it and taking the lost…

Of course deduct what is in the original blend…

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In the future consider diluting your nic base in half… 36mg

72mg nic shouldn’t be handled everytime you make a mix.

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Just FYI, your mix is now 34.3 mg/ml :smile:


I would do this…again if you like the mix enough to have again.

Dump into a 60 ml bottle.
Multiply remaining flavors by 10 and add the difference. At that point you’ll have a nicotinated base for Cereal Killer (sort of, and close enough for personal use). Yea it will have that extra 9.87ml of vg but over the course of making 10 bottles you can just hold off 10% on VG and give that to your base, in other words 25.5% of the base and 8.87% VG.

That way you can pop that into the fridge and just pull it out when you want to mix a batch rather than making 150ml now. Just a thought.

Good fixes that I’ll be filing away for future reference!

But, @Pro_Vapes, Ive got a question for you… [quote=“Pro_Vapes, post:5, topic:31123”]
72mg nic shouldn’t be handled everytime you make a mix.
[/quote]Why not? Are you saying thats too high?
I handle 100mg nic every time I make a mix simply because the math is super-dooper easy & I dont have a head for numbers.
No probs to date, but should I be doing it differently?

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so if the ratio for 3mg nic is 0.6 i should half it to 0.3?

I was reading this and before u do anything do u understand that u have put in 10 times the amount of nic that this recipe is made for? If u want to u can make 10 times the amount of the recipe 150ml just take all ingredients EXCEPT for the nic 10x(or 9 times since u put in 1x already) for example
Pg 8.2ml - 0.82ml = 7.38ml
Vg 98.7ml - 9.87ml = 88.83ml
bravarian cream 4.5ml - 0.45ml = 4.05ml

I do the same as you do, 100 mg nic. Using gloves and protective clothing is fine. I’m sure that some feel safer not handling high strength nic. Technically it is safer, no one can argue that. For me, I blend in increments of 100mls and it doesn’t get any easier than blending 100mls and knowing if you want 6mg nic that you add 6mls of nic. Easy as pie…


I like 100mg Nic and pie!

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(PHEW!!!) But, safety all the way! Always!.. with your pie!


I like Nic and Pie !!!


OK, I’ll try again. This is your fix. If you need weights, please do the subtractions yourself. This will show you how…

I’m out of here !!!

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There are two main reasons I cut my base before using.

  1. I don’t make a ton of liquid. So I keep my concentrated base in the freezer to prevent it from degrading. If I was constantly opening that bottle every time I mixed juice, it would oxidize much faster and I’d also have to let it warm to room temperature every time (ya ever worked with ice cold VG, it’s a pain!). I feel that this helps me keep my deep storage base fresher for longer.

  2. PPE (personal protective equipment) is a hassle. You really should at the very least wear eye protection, nitrile gloves, long sleeves, and closed toe footwear. I know a lot of people skimp on one or two of these, but I’ve spent enough time in labs when I was in school to feel like I’m being reckless with less. If I gear up in the kitchen and cut my base to 15mg/ml then I have a dilute base that I’m not even stressed about working with shirtless and shoeless (and brainless at 3 AM) in my office.

This is what works for me. I don’t think anyone is wrong for doing things differently if it works for them. The whole point of DIY is to Do It Your-way, right? :smile:


Exactly! :clap: You win the prize with that statement! To each his/her own…:wink:


By know means am I saying this is required. If worst came to worst this is less poisonous. I had a 100 mg nic spill in my early days. It scared the hell out of me.


Agreed over the summer me as well just a splash it was enough for me. No reaction but to wash that crap off with cold water as fast as possible and wait for any symptoms followed by NO VAPING for over an hour it sucked. Enough for me to go back down to 48 mg/ 100% vg and haven’t skipped a beat n have not missed the stress.


Nic is fine to freeze, but you shouldn’t freeze your VG or PG. Optimal storage condition for VG and PG is room temperature…


Thanks @zigz. Its good to learn about how other people handle their nic.
I don’t believe I make a ton of ejuice either, but neither do I carry a ton of nic at any one time. I only buy 125ml at a time- max 3 months supply (nic is illegal in Aust. & cant be purchased here, but customs will turn a blind eye if they believe its for personal use). Because its a relatively small amount, I dont keep it in the fridge or freezer. I keep it in a (locked) draw of my desk, in a box, so its dark & cool. It seems I’m able to get through it before it starts going off.
A big plus is the lid I’ve got for the bottle…
Maybe these are common, I dont know. But If you dont have, I highly recommend. (Dont know where you’d get them though… mine was on a bottle of vg I bought locally.)
Not only does it prevent oxidization, it makes handling my nic super easy & super safe! I can easily dispense to any size bottle from 10ml up with no syringe. The flow from the bottle is controlled by twisting the knurled section of the neck (am I preaching to the converted here??)
Fan efing tastic if you ask me! Minimizes the need for PPE as well -usually gloves only. But always great care! (I do however “gear-up” when opening the bottle for the first time - removing the seal & swapping the factory lid for mine)

[quote=“zigz, post:16, topic:31123”]
The whole point of DIY is to Do It Your-way, right?
[/quote]Couldnt agree with you more zigz! And so, thats how I do it.

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