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An archive of 14 million documents created by tobacco companies about their advertising, manufacturing, marketing, scientific research and political activities, hosted by the UCSF Library and Center for Knowledge Management.


All fully edited, redacted, and surrounded by an army of lawyers I’ll bet. :wink: LMAO


Darn and here i was thinking i would be something cool vape related.

Could be interesting to people fighting big T or to people who want to get in a serious business and need marketing tips. But that ain’t me and anything Tobacco related has nothing that would even spark an interest in me anymore. Wouldn’t even know the price of a pack off cigarettes today.


really ? are you in the USA? I am and therefore subject to the law and regulation of the alphabet soup of FDA, CPSC, et. al. So, for me anyway, it has a lot to do with the subject of this vape related website. Glad you somehow have escaped this, as some of us are stuck smack in the middle of tobacco related issues.

Anyway, I like tobacco, am a DIY NETer… I use a lot of it for extractions, just don’t combust it anymore.


PS: Really liked your related post: FDA | What’s Gottlieb Thinking?

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Over here EU i think most off the damage has already been done.

But aside from that i bet it is really interesting for pro vape advocacy groups and what not. But for me personally no it isn’t and i admit alot off that could have to do with the fact i’m not smart enough do understand it or do anything with it. So if an advocacy group would want my support (espescially when it is in money) they would have to break it down for me and explain it.

Anyway if it is what i think it is it may be a great find off you, and in that case i would think hard on where to leave it so the right people find it aswell.