A little bit of a thank you to the ELR horde from me :)

Just feeling a little bit humbled, and eternally grateful to you bunch for your immense support in my new little venture as a reviewer, I never intended it, it all just started from winning the Pharaoh in the Heavengifts giveaway and me giving them a review that they requested which at present has had 1.3k views :flushed: and now I have 5 reviews under my belt, one on the way, and more people are showing interest. Wayne has asked me to do something with him, Gearbest are now sending me stuff to review, Heavengifts are keeping me on and others such as Walt from Real flavors have also shown some interest too…and I have to say…I am getting a real kick out of it :grin:
And none of it would of happened if it wasn’t for you lot pushing me to do more and sticking at it, so, ‘Credit where credit is due’ being the mixologists mantra, I would like to shower you all with credit from me…

You know what I mean…tut…

Anyway, I am totally running with it, loving it, doing more of it and for as long as you lot continue to support me like you have been i shall continue to spend my Saturday afternoons keeping my fingers busy

coming up with more ridiculously childish, idiotic, immature and ever so slightly sexist yet informative meanderings on more Vapequipment, Steamology and Liquidtronics… …(what??)

So from me to you…

Simply THE best forum community in the world.


Right back at ya :wink:


Nicely done, great reviews are hard to come-by, too often they almost seem to be done by people that have either been bought off or are afraid that if they say something not politically correct (to whomever the vendor or manufacturer is) they are going to loose being either offered to review a product or start getting hate mail for being biased. I would much rather be aware of honest likes and dislikes to make an informed decision.
KUDO’s and keep up the great work!


Thanks dude :+1:
I’ve been lucky so far, everything I have had has been really good, apart from 1, the cricket II which broke after 8 hours :unamused: so I refused to review it, It was just a duff unit i think as I’ve heard good things about it since so i didn’t want to give it a bad review based on one faulty unit you know, I just want to keep things interesting so that people read to the end and remember it, and I have a lot of fun doing it too which I hope comes across, not all reviews need to be a ‘stats’ based snooze fest know what I mean, I’ll keep em different :wink:


A star is born… :slight_smile:



Very rarely do I bother to read a review unless I’m tempted to buy the item in question but your reviews I read just because they’re awesome! :smiley: They always brighten my day.


THAT…is all I want :wink: …thank you :wink:


and so do the ELR hordes




You’ll do great! …as long as the Internet doesn’t run out of GIFs …so like forever :wink:


and we all get the privelage of being able to say " i was there when it all started " hey rip tripper owes you a thanks as well YEAH RIGHT lol i do love your reviews and am happy your having fun with it as we all are to congrats


You deserve it brother. Your reviews are awesome!

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When I get a bit of spare time I actually quite often just sit there farming gifs haha, I think I’m good for a while yet haha, and I will try and not use the same one twice lol :laughing::wink::+1:


Thanks brother :wink: it’s nice to be appreciated dude seriously :wink:


Thank you!, really nice of you to say :grin:

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Lol best gif so far,enjoy it fella.


thanks dude :wink: :+1:

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Anytime.i enjoy reading your reviews,well worth a read to anyone whos not already done so.


Love it! Thank you :grinning:

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