A little confused 😟

Hey guys I have recently started vapeing on twisted wire and really want to try a twisted parallel ss I made it perfect one day last week put it in my griffin on my ipv4s and it came out at 0.08 ohms so it instantly came up as low resistance it was 26AWG ss 316L dual coil as it was in my griffin so I spoke to a few people on Facebook they said to get 28-30 AWG and it should work so I’ve bought 50 meters of 304 ss at 29AWG so I have gone back to my original FB post and they have posted this Uploading… please peep :worried::joy:

Please help*

Your link isn’t working.

you should be fine with the thinner wire dude, but yeah…your link isn’t working :thumbsup:

Thanks my current set up is 2 twisted 26AWG ti in my griffin 22 6wraps 75 joules 525f it’s 0.08 ohms the guy I was speaking to said I am lucky I have not blown my battery’s is this right surely on a regulated mod (my iptv 4s) should stop this happening he has got me worried now lol

Might be wrong here (it happens often) but on steam engine it looks like that mod only fires down to 0.10. I have no idea if this helps!

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Your mod is protected, that’s why it said low resistance when you put your tank on it. It won’t fire when the ohms are too low for the device. Mech Mods will blow up on you but not your IPV4s :grinning:

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Ok thank you so do you think I’ll be safe at 0.08 in tc mode at the heat I have it set to?

In TC mode you can go as low as 0.05 but, and it is a big but, the IPV4s does not do SS in TC mode. You’ll have to get NI or TI for that. In wattage mode it doesn’t fire when it is lower than 0.10. So you’ll have to recoil your tank with different wire for TC or go a little higher with your ohms for wattage mode.


Great thank you I have ti wire in it at the minute I’ve got my ss on the way and was going into wattage mode when I build with it :+1:

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@Adam157, i don’t find a reason to go that low in ohms… i mean i understand we each vape differently, but parallel twisted 28g SS 6 or 7 wraps will give you great flavor and clouds - and you’ll stay above 0.2 ohm total… and can get as warm as you want.

even better, if you use clapton with SS 28 core and something like 34 or 36 wrapping - using the right mod, you can get TC with SS (this was rare a year ago, but many mods do this now) - and you would then be in the 0.4 ohm range depending on how many wraps.

pls be safe. design your coil first on steam-engine or Reprova.com/calc … this is something to enjoy and doesn’t really need to be a hazardous hobby - pls ask more if we can help with anything.

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For the future, if you want to post a link…wait for it to upload before clicking REPLY , which is why your link above doesn’t work.

Advice is good to get from others, but for coils, ALWAYS double-check the info on a calculator like http://www.steam-engine.org/coil.asp …to be safe.

Also, stainless wire grades are different. Example SS304 may require an additional wrap or two to get the same build as SS316L

Be sure to learn the limits of each mod you use…to be safe.

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What batteries are you using? Maybe the guy you spoke to was concerned about the amp rating of your batteries?

Pick up a set of aliens from advanced Vale supply made by raymo2u from Instagram I get four months out of a set and I Vale 30 ml a day. I am friends with ray he lives in the same town as me they are only $12 on there web site. Trust me you will never use a twisted coil again the flavor is incomparable not to mention they last four months of constant use.

I like devices that fire down to .06 imn wattage mode also because I like a hot Vape I stay around .08 - .13 at the highest with a dual coil set up. I personally like my ohm wrecker Hugo 133 and even my tempest from cov fires below .1 that is the biggest buying point I am looking for is firing below .1

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