A little something for beginners

I found this list on Reddit… It was put together for a first order. It looks like good foundation to me.

Maybe we can get @ringling to amend this list with FW top 10 flavors.



With My Opinion? Could do that if this is what you seek !

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Sure… FW should be represented here. I love the FW flavors I have but you know more about them than me. So give us your recommendations.

I asked @daath for a tasting notes section… If we get it I would like to hear your thoughts on FW flavors in detail.

BTW, I thought it was odd when they didn’t include FW in their top 20. I know some of those in the top 20 are not the best.

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Flavor West Top Ten Flavor (In My Opinion of the ones I have tried)

1: Butterscotch - Probably THE Best Butterscotch available throughout all brands
2: Capt. Crunch Berries - If you like Captain Crunch Berry Cereal, this stuff is spot on
3: Vanilla Bean Ice Cream - Very nice. I use for a mixer with wonderful results.
4: Hazelnut - Not spot on hazelnut however a very nice nutty flavor with great results when mixing
5: Kahlua & Cream - I have customers who love this as a standalone, I love to mix with it !
6: Caramel Candy - This is a excellent Caramel and wonderful mixer
7: Yellow Cake - One of the best cake flavors around. Great mixer
8: Cinnamon Roll - Very nice, not overpowering, and a great mixer
9: Cantaloupe - Store bought cantaloupe it ain’t. This cantaloupe has flavor
10: Bavarian Cream - Just the right mix of sweetness and creaminess

I could have very easily said Dragonfruit, Strawberry, Blackberry (natural), Root beer float, Ecto Cooler, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Green Goblin, Yogurt, Pina Colada, Sugar Cookie, Vanilla Cupcake, but 10 is such a small number…


Thanks @ringling for giving the noobs more options for good flavors. I can use some of these myself. I’m find myself turning to FW for certain spot on flavors.

Butterscotch, Capt. Crunch and Yellow Cake are at the for me. There are others you listed that I will have to try.

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Yes, it’s a great idea - which is why I started this:


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We need to follow that through. Self help is always a great idea.

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Great list. I would have found room for FW’s Butter Pecan, Ruby Relaxer, and 555… There are so many of FW’s flavors that I love though. Hard to choose just 10!

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I think it’s hard with most of the big vendors. It does kinda fall in line with the ELR most popular flavors. I felt FW deserved a place in here. It’s just starters tho… Once they get their feet wet and little experience they can find what they like. I started with all LA. Maybe it will keep them off the wrong path.


I think there should be more flavor lists based on preference to tobacco, fruits and creams etc… :smile:


I agree. When I first started vaping it was strictly tobacco flavors…I had to develop a taste for fruits and creams. How do we go about it?


Good question. I can make some posts into wikis so they’re editable by everyone, like I did the posts in the start pack thread? :smile:

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I must have missed it… but I’m on board.

I have and used the 555 and actually have made a pretty good tobacco flavor with it, however, the one downfall with the 555 flavor is that the stuff just plain stinks for those who are not doing the vaping. Some of the chocolates are like that as well…

As you know the Butter Pecan is quite new to my stash. I know it has potential but honestly can’t fairly judge it without more use. Especially in my own blends. That tells the tale…

Never used Ruby Relaxer, but I’ll take your word on it…

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the stuff just plain stinks for those who are not doing the vaping

I really think that’s true with a lot of tobacco ejuices.


My top 10 FW’s are
Yellow cake
Banana split
Candy cane
Crispy rice cereal
Butter cream
Graham cracker
Acai Berry
Double Dutch
Vanilla cupcake
Macadamia nut

I do like their pink champagne new one for me a lot as well as their blood orange both deserve an honorable mention.


Having only purchased Yellow Cake & Cake batter dip.
The butterscotch,Carmel candy and cinnamon roll are now in my cart :).


I want FW 's cookie batter so bad. BCV needs to get their shipment in of " other " flavors and I’ll get this one but I’m stubborn and waiting it out.

Anybody had FW cookie dough maybe it’s called.