A little Tropical recipe

Hi all, just a quick out of my head recipe I concocted while testing some new tropical flavours… great shake and vape, should have made more so I can at least let it steep. Gonna tweek this of course because us mixers are never satisfied lol. Forgot to add Pomegranite …Doh! But none the less, I enjoy it.
Let me know what you think.


Nice! What does the rice crunchies do for it?

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Rice Cruncies I used for a base and just to add another texture. I just shaked and vaped this mix yesterday so to be honest I think at 3 percent I don’t get much from it yet. I guess this could be like a kinda cereal treat with marshmallow and vanilla. I like the flavour so far of this recipe. I think RC at 6 percent you would get more of a dry cereal texture which I didn’t want to achieve here. I was hoping for the Rice Cruncies to tone down the fruits a touch. More testing to be done.

Ok 28 hours after production and I am liking this vape. The rice cruncies muted the flavours just a tad and gave another texture like dry feel but in a good way. Fruit on inhale , dry on exhale. very nice so far IMO.

Pretty sweet as well but not overly , mellowing nicely. smooth exhale like the cruncies and fruit lingering at finish… definitely going to remix this flav. I’m not very good at describing tastes so could some one please try and let me know there impressions so far as it ages? Any suggestion so I can learn would be welcomed. Might boost up vanilla a touch. I find it as it ages not too over powering as when it was fresh, mellowing nicely. I have maybe 5 ml left and can’t stop vaping it lol. I’m like that with wine too. lol. I seem to like fresh made wine over aged for some reason. Maybe for the up front in face flavours.

I tried a few FA flavours I am going to work with that are great as well. Not many people using them for what I can tell. Pomegranite is really nice at 4 %, Passion Fruit is nice but reminds me of Leechee perfume. Both together in next recipe. I’m thinking 4 Pom and 1.5 to 2 Passion.

I would but I only have the pineapple and dragonfruit. All the others are on my shopping list though

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Don’t forget the FA Pomegranite, I really like that flavour. Alone it rocks period.

I think I will add Pom to this recipe as well and boost the Vanilla up more.

I just ordered some FA Pomegranate waiting for it never tried it before

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Single Flavour at 4 percent was nice.

Try out my new recipe for Pomegranate

My Pomegranate just came in I have try that one

Add 2.5 vanilla to it