A modest proposal - flavor swap/gifts

I was wondering if anyone had a “suckling child” flavor. Wait, no that’s not what I wanted to talk about.

I was thinking that a lot of us have flavors that we tried, DO NOT LIKE, and have put aside indefinitely. I am inclinedoing to give these away should anyone want them. If there is interest, I’ll list out the flavor and quantity available.

Right off the top LorAnn Washington Cherry is on the list. I even have some 120ml flavors I like, that I’d be willing to part with a significant fraction of, because I don’t see me ever using that much of Cream Cheese Icing, for instance. Lorann citrus blossom is another one.


I now have over 200 flavors with more in the mail. I haven’t tried one yet I don’t like. But I have probably 150 I haven’t mixed with yet. As soon as my little one goes to sleep I have a few I want to try. Concord Grape with Stevia by CAP is one I want to play with. I also just got in the flavors to make Hic’s Orange Tic Tacs and a few of Darth’s recipes. I just got LA Cream Cheese Icing as well or I would take you up on that one.

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I am interested in swapping with people too. Just sat down yesterday and counted out 263 small (10-15ml), 65 medium (30ml), and 38 large (120ml +) bottles of flavoring. There are many I have tried and just don’t believe I’ll use again because they are just not to my liking or flavor profile and some I just have so much of, I’ll never use it all before it goes bad. A few I can think of off the top of my head right now are
FW - Tres Leches, Hard Candy, Raspberry, and Banana
TFA - DX Hazelnut, English Toffee
Vapor Shots - Kiwi, Grape, Black Cherry, Cherry,
Vapor Flavors - Rum, German Chocolate, Mocha

If there’s something in the above you want, let me know and I’ll get it to you.
When I have time to do a real inventory, I’ll add to this list.


Thanks for hopping over here. Yeah, similar situation. I use some of the flavors you’re offering, but I’m flush with them myself.

I, uh. . .was thinking I could maybe receive and ship out all the donated flavors. But then reality set in with 10 hour days plus three hours of commuting. My physical situation barely allows me any time to mix at all. Maybe 30 minutes a month. Anyway, maybe we could list out what we have and folks that are interested could request what they’d like? It’s a little clunky, but maybe. I don’t think shipping to a central location would do much for the effort. This is sort of a “virtual” central location if you think about it.


I have an idea:
Anybody that has plenty of flavor, just post your name and/or link to your stash and people can browse it. if they see something they like, they can inquire on it. if the person has enough to spare, they send em 10mls of it.
yeah? no?


You guys are unbelievably generous! Takes some special people to be willing to do this! Thank you for being you :grinning: