A new, to me, dripping method

I was doing single flavor testing yesterday and stumbled on a dripping method which I’ve not seen discussed before. I was using a single coil mtl rda and keeping my cotton very short. Maybe only about 3/16 of an inch on either side of the coil. This was to make it easier to change between flavors. I decided to try placing a different juice on each side of the coil and see if they would blend well in the vape. I saturated one wick end with strawberry and the other with cheesecake. They blended in the vapor very well and became strawberry cheesecake. I tried it again with peach and vanilla custard and it worked equally well. I’m thinking that this can be a way to experiment with different flavors and see how they work together without having to make a full mix.


Sometimes I drip one on top of the other, voluntarily, to test how two flavors combine … I had not thought of what you say, I’ll try it …


Yes, that’s how my greatest ideas came up. I do it mostly out of me being lazy on the wicks, so voluntarily, but just with the intend to avoid rewicking.


Use a complex coil and skip the wick entirely.


Agree with @Letitia. I drip different combinations of flavors using a Clapton coil, which holds the juice long enough to get a hit or 2.
Dry fire–repeat. No wick required.


Use a staggered fused and get 3 hits…


Those are good ideas. I’ll try it out, although I’m almost always using mtl rda’s and can’t fit a large complex coil. The largest that will fit is a 3.0 mm wrap. Thanks for the suggestion.


you don’t even need to dry fire. just have a bottle of no flavor, a few hits with that will neutralize the coil.