A nice savoury flavour

Hi guys just wanted to know if anyone has tried a diy here that has a nice savoury flavour? I mean like a bread or pastry bakery kind of thing. I really like custards and cream but don’t want it to overwhelm the savoury part. Thanks

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I’ve heard quite a few people speak about this recipe @Amy2 created. I don’t have Red Velvet flavor yet, but when I get it I’m gonna give it a try.
She also have several other good looking desert recipes that she has shared. Here’s what she has posted. @Amy2 Recipes

Velvet cupcakes : http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/132940/Velvet+cupcakes+

5% Cake Batter (CAP)
3% Red Velvet Cake (TPA)
1% Super Sweet (CAP)
5% Vanilla Cupcake (FW)
5% Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP)

Flavor total: 19%
Remember to rate it at: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/r/138M


Acetyl pyrazine will be your best friend, especially with pastry or bread type stuff. I love banana nut bread and the AP really kicks it up a notch. A waffle recipe might work well for what you’re after. Or Capella makes a couple of doughnut flavors that also sound really good, but I haven’t gotten ahold of them yet.

Thanks @NewDrip ! I haven’t made that in a while.

I can almost taste it just by reading the recipe… and it’s been cosigned by a few people. It must be good!

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Yes a few ppl like it more than me truth be told. I always want to put fruit in it. Of course I love fruit mixes. But as a dessert or bakery it’s very rich.

I’m working on a yellow cake with vanilla bean icing right now more pronounced vanilla icing with yellow cake hints.

the OP didn’t say desserts thou. Bc daath’s recipe is pretty awesome G vanilla custardy II http://e-liquid-recipes.com/r/5W6
This is NOT a shake n vape thou it needs atleast a week 1/2 - 2 weeks for steeping because of the custard.

I have a bakery concentrate but I’m a little scared to use it as it smells so off the mark not like a bakery smell at all in fact I’m scared to use most of my concentrates as they all seem to smell so unlike what they are suppose to be… I guess that’s because they are concentrates. I will just have to make juice with them and see how they go.


I thought it was deserts and custards. Sorry.

I guess I can’t read. Well maybe she’ll like those we spoke of ! For some reason I was thinking she wanted more a creamy sweet but not fruity dessert like.

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Which concentrate is that? :smile:

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Keep us posted… I just got 120ml FW Yellow cake last week. I love cake recipes.


daath it’s a concentrate I got from here in Australia it’s from thejuicefactory.com.au

Did you get a chance to make the cakestone ! Yellow cake is a huge proponent in that one.

Does it smell like corn chips or burned nuts? That is what AP smells like to me. You only use a couple drops in 10ml and it works wonders. I swear FAs cookie has AP in it, as I get a hint of the same smell with that, too.

Some flavorings do smell different at first than what they vape. Once they’re diluted and they sit in the base awhile, the flavor can change. I HATE the smell of Cap’s v1 custard. It smells like vanilla icing that has been puked up to me. LoL. But, it vapes nice. :smile:

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You sure it isn’t v2? That does smell a bit like vomit, because it contains buturic acid :smile:

I have both and they both stink. The v2 is definitely worse, but I still don’t like the smell of the v1. I think it’s the combo of the custard and the overwhelming sweetness. Bad childhood memories or something maybe. LoL

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No I haven’t yet… I just got my yellow cake fw in a few days ago.

Here’s a few easy go to savory recipes




I have a bottle of Acetyl pyrazine and I bought it just for bakery type flavors. I’ve never used it because I couldn’t find to much info about it. Can you give me any insight as to what % to start or keep it around? Do you know how well it works with custard/cream flavors? Thanks for any info from anyone…

Very low. I’d start at 0.5% or 1-2 drops in a 10ml batch.

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